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Karen's Whimsy

Site Map of Karen's Whimsy

Altered Books

Old books, new books, board books, any book that has been transformed through art.

Altered Books for Sale

Collage Art

Colorful, textured collaged images of women, men, and children.

Woman's Ideal of Man

Inspired by a book called The Perfect Woman; dramatic textures, vintage imagery and bold, rich colors.

I Will Count You As My Friend

Beautiful vintage postcard images portraying friendship and pages from an old arithmetic book.

Wings on My Dreams

Collages with the theme of wings-- butterfly wings, angel wings.

Christian Collage Art

More collage art, but with a religious theme.


Altered books become shrines to hold personal and religious relics.

Wall Hangings

Altered books become book sculptures to decorate your walls.


Arts and Craft Ideas

Have fun while you play with art.

Make Decorative Paper

You can create beautiful background papers for you art with these easy techniques.

Links to Artistic Resources

Arts and Crafts Book Reviews

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Inspiration and Creativity

Art Supplies

Copyright Information and Articles

Art Groups

Art Tips, Techniques, Tutorials, and Templates

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