Sunflowers from Karen's Whimsy

These line drawings of sunflowers are from an old student reader, copyright 1861 and are in the public domain. Feel free to use these Sunflowers in your artwork.

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Sunflowers - 1

Sunflowers ::
Tall Thistle

Sunflowers - 2

Sunflowers ::
Many-Flowered Sunflower

Sunflowers - 3

Sunflowers ::
Chinese Chrysanthemum

Sunflowers - 4

Sunflowers ::
China Aster

Sunflowers - 5

Sunflowers :: European Shrubby Everlasting

Sunflowers - 6

Sunflowers ::
French Marigold

Sunflowers - 7

Sunflowers ::
Cultivated Dahlia

Sunflowers - 8

Sunflowers ::
Wild Dahlia

Sunflowers - 9

Sunflowers ::
Canada Thistle

Sunflowers - 10

Sunflowers ::
Arrow-Leaved Lettuce

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