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Saul and Patsy :: Saul and Patsy

Saul and Patsy

Saul and Patsy :: Saul and Patsy

Saul and Patsy

Flowing textured turquoise pages spill over the edges of the book. Painted bands of gold paper from the book weave their way through the accordian folds giving the suggestion of the play of light on water.

Dimensions :: 20" X 10"


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Saul and Patsy :: Saul and Patsy

ABOUT THE BOOK SCULPTURES :: My Saul and Patsy was created from an altered book. Most of the pieces are inspired by the title of the book and designed using paints, inks, mediums, and pages taken from the book itself. The books are supported on the back with a wooden frame, and strung with picture hanging wire, allowing them to be hung flat on the wall of any room.

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