Pompeii Frescoes


In this album you’ll find eighteen galleries encompassing over 200 images in color and black and white exploring the art and ruins of the iconic city of Pompeii. Pompeii was originally a Greek town founded around the 8th century BC. It later became a bustling Roman resort town, which thrived for centuries under the watchful eye of Mt. Vesuvius. Unfortunately, the people of Pompeii had no idea Vesuvius was a volcano, let alone that it posed a threat. The last eruption had been centuries before, and the mountain appeared to be a harmless peak. Life pulsed through Pompeii’s streets lined with shops and grand homes, adorned with frescoes whispering of gods and myths.

Then, in 79 AD, Vesuvius roared to life. Ash and gas entombed the city, preserving a moment in time. Pompeii slept for nearly 1700 years, a haunting testament to a lost civilization. Today, Pompeii is a vast archaeological site where visitors can explore excavated streets, houses, and public buildings, offering a unique window into the everyday life of this ancient civilization. Explore these images of Pompeii Italy, such as the Pompeii City Ruins, Pompeii Frescoes, and much more on the City of Pompeii. Enjoy!