Victorian Womens Hats

Victorian Women’s Hats

Below you will come across fifteen examples of Victorian Women’s Hats drawn in black and white. They come from a copy of Peterson’s Magazine, a women’s fashion periodical published in 1868. This was considered the mid-Victorian era. In the early Victorian era, hats were often quite small and understated. However, as the era progressed, hats became larger and more elaborate. By the late Victorian era, hats were often so large that they could be difficult to wear. Despite their size, hats were an essential part of Victorian fashion. They were worn by women of all ages and social classes, and they were a way for women to express their individuality and style. If you are enjoying viewing these Victorian Women’s Hats, you should visit the pages with more Victorian Hats and perhaps some Victorian Hair Styles from the same text. Have fun!



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