Images of Silhouettes


In The History of Silhouettes by Mrs. E. Nevill Jackson, published in 1911, the author writes that the tracing of shadow pictures was believed to originate in ancient Greece. Later old black profile portraits were done using a variety of materials including cut paper, glass, ivory, plaster, oil painting, smoke-staining and Indian ink. As she writes “…the pictures come before us like the shadows that they are, each process appearing and disappearing.”

This album of Silhouettes contains an extensive collection of these charming, often elaborate, black and white images. You’ll discover 135 galleries containing close to 1,000 images. There are eleven galleries of children in the Child Silhouettes Album and eight galleries of joyful people dancing in the Dancing Silhouettes Album. In addition, you’ll find lots of amazing illustrations of Birds, Cats, Dogs, more Animal Silhouettes. And be sure to check out all the fairies, seahorses, angels, and butterflies in the album of Miscellaneous Silhouettes. I hope you love this amazing collection of art as much as I do. Enjoy yourself!