Woodwinds from Karen's Whimsy

These images of Woodwinds are from an old illustrated dictionary -- copyright 1919. Enjoy!

Be sure to check my Public Domain Images often. More pictures are added regularly.


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Woodwinds - Piccolo

Woodwinds :: Piccolo

Woodwinds - Flute

Woodwinds :: Flute

Woodwinds - Recorder/Pipe

Woodwinds :: Recorder / Pipe

Woodwinds - Clarinet

Woodwinds :: Clarinet

Woodwinds - Oboe

Woodwinds :: Oboe

Woodwinds - Bassoon

Woodwinds :: Bassoon

Woodwinds - Ocarina

Woodwinds :: Ocarina

Woodwinds - Bagpipes

Woodwinds :: Bagpipes

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