Butterflies from Karen's Whimsy

Please enjoy using these colorful Butterflies in your art work. These Butterflies come from my collection The Nature Library: Butterflies by W. J. Holland, copyright 1904, and they are in the public domain.

Be sure to check my Public Domain Images often. More pictures are added regularly. Enjoy!


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Butterflies - 1

Butterflies ::
Klug's Dircenna

Butterflies - 2

Butterflies ::
The Zebra

Butterflies - 3

Butterflies ::
The Gulf Fritillary

Butterflies - 4

Butterflies ::

Butterflies - 5

Butterflies ::
California Tortoise Shell

Butterflies - 6

Butterflies ::
Tropical Buckeye

Butterflies - 7

Butterflies ::
Mexican Fritillary

Butterflies - 8

Butterflies ::
White Peacock

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