Mummies from Karen's Whimsy

These detailed engravings of Mummies are from an article in the 1882 edition of Harper's Magazine entitled "Lying in State in Cairo." The article is about the "recent" discovery of these kings and queens and other artifacts which were put on display at the Central Hall of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities at Boolak. These images of Mummies are now in the public domain.

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Mummies - 1

Mummies :: The Royal Remains in the Museum at Boolak

Mummies - 2

Mummies :: Head of King Pinotem, (from a photograph)

Mummies - 3

Mummies :: Mummy and Inside Coffin of Queen Ahmes Nofretari

Mummies - 4

Mummies :: Mummy and Mummy Case of Ramses the Great

Mummies - 5

Mummies :: Head of Carved Effigy Enlarged

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