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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 5, which describes the images for the following categories: Decoration, Easter, Egyptians, and Explorers.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 5

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Floral Frames :: Five pretty Floral Frames that you can print-out and color or enhance with your favorite image editing software.

Flower Borders :: Five more Flower Borders that would look lovely on a piece of stationary.

Border Clipart :: Eight rows of intricate Border Clipart from a German magazine dated 1887.

Border Designs :: It's not easy to find vertical Border Designs on the Internet, but here's some that you're going to love.

Free Page Borders :: Here are three more Free Page Borders vertical style.

Free Printable Borders :: These Free Printable Borders provide eight full and half floral borders and frames.

Floral Patterns :: Seven borders and frames with enchanting Floral Patterns.

Floral Designs :: Eight decorative ornaments of Floral Designs.

Clip Art Borders :: A variety of ten black and white Clip Art Borders.

Page Borders :: Ten more Page Borders images.

Decorative Borders :: And again, ten additional Decorative Borders to use any way you want. Aren't they great?

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Easter Greetings :: Chicks, children, flowers, and painted eggs make up this beautiful selection of Easter Greetings

Easter Bunny Pictures :: Here you'll find a colorful assortment of six Easter Bunny Pictures.

Easter Bunnies :: Six more adorable Easter Bunnies can be found on this page.

Easter Quotes :: This page has six lovely Easter Quotes surrounded by a collection of delightful flowers, birds, and chicks..

Easter Art :: Here are six gorgeous Easter Art images including illustrations of birds, bunnies, children, chicks, and flowers.

Easter Holiday :: Just in time for the Easter Holiday, a clutch of adorable chicks surrounded by eggs, flowers, and young girls.

Happy Easter :: Six color images of eggs, and flowers, children and bunnies all having a fine and Happy Easter.

Easter Graphics :: These Easter Graphics feature an adorable little girl with a parasol, a special delivery boy, and assorted birds, eggs, and flowers.

Easter Religious Graphics :: Here are six gorgeous decorated crosses in a variety of colors and styles for this page of Easter Religious Graphics.

Holy Easter Clipart :: Six more beautiful color images of Holy Easter Clipart including a shepherd tending his flock, a woman holding a cross, and an view of the holy city surrounded by a crown of thorns.

Easter Christian :: This last page of Easter Christian images contains some really fantastic antique postcards - including two angels, a picture of Jesus, two floral crosses, and a woman holding an Easter lilly.

Easter Decorations :: Little girls in big, colorful bonnets, a banner of Easter wishes, and more chicks and eggs are among the Easter Decorations found on this page.

Easter Bunny :: You are not going to be able to resist the six colorful Easter Bunny drawings on this page. A bunch of bunnies of all shapes and sizes.

Bunny Pictures :: These Bunny Pictures feature bunnies guarding a hat full of eggs, bunnies pulling a little carriage of chicks, bunnies reading, and bunnies playing with a young girl.

Easter Baskets :: No Easter would be complete without Easter Baskets filled with goodies. Or how about a cute little girl carrying an assortment of brightly colored in eggs inside the folds of her dress?

Cartoon Bunny :: This page of Cartoon Bunny drawings has six charming black and white images, including one precious bunny with angel wings.

Bunny Rabbits :: If you haven't gotten your fill of Bunny Rabbits yet (and really, can you ever have too many?) here are six more colorful illustrations featuring the furry rodent in all manner of dress.

Easter Eggs :: Angels deliver them, chicks and roosters cart them, children tug at them - everybody wants Easter Eggs this time of year.

Easter Lillies :: Here's a page with Easter Lillies and a few other spring flowers thrown in for good measure.

Easter Flowers :: To finish up this collection of Easter holiday images, here's an assortment of pretty Easter Flowers to use in your art.

Easter Cards :: These wonderful images of Easter Cards share sentiments of the Easter holiday with chicks, flowers, and a drawing of a child.

Easter Pictures :: Five more scrumptious color images or Easter Pictures.

Easter Printables :: Here are six more colorful Easter Printables.

Easter Bunny Clipart :: Three interesting vintage images of Easter Bunny Clipart- a sharply dressed Easter Bunny courting a young girl, two cute bunnies by an egg, and an old grandma Easter Bunny with a basket of eggs.

Easter Clipart :: Three old postcard images of Easter Clipart including a gift of violets, a young girl in a cart being pulled by three little chickies, and a lovely art nouveau image of a young woman.

Easter Egg Clipart :: Three more color images of Easter Egg Clipart. Two of them include adorable baby chicks.

Christian Easter Clipart :: Three colorful Christian Easter Clipart images from antique postcards.

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Egyptian Clipart :: Assorted engravings - cat-headed god, crocodile god, scarab, shrouded dead, and hieroglyphics were scanned from this 1883 book on religions for this Egyptian Clipart.

Egyptian Clip Art :: Assorted engravings - more scans of Egypt including the sphinx and pyramids, the Temple of Karnak, and the Rock Temple of Ibsmabul (Istambul) on this page of Egyptian Clip Art.

Egyptians :: We start our long list of Egyptian images with four pictures of Egyptians showing a porter, men making baskets, a woman and man with a donkey, and second veiled woman.

Egyptian People :: Four different pictures of Egyptian People are on this page -- two women, a soldier riding a camel, and an old gentleman.

Ancient Egyptian Culture :: Five pictures from Ancient Egyptian Culture include a profile of Queen Tai, a brewer, a decorative ornament, a musician, and a servant carrying bags.

Life in Ancient Egypt :: Here are six pictures depicting Life in Ancient Egypt including Egyptians who are plowing and sowing, reaping the grain, making bricks, and operating a threshing sledge.

Ancient Egyptian Clothing :: Here are four lovely images of Ancient Egyptian Clothing as worn by several beautiful women and one handsome astronomer.

Egyptian Clothing :: Another page of Egyptian Clothing has drawings of two men, a boy, and two women.

Ancient Egypt Clothing :: A veiled lady of Cairo, an Egyptian princess and maiden, a donkey boy, and a pharaoh and his secretary make up this page showing Ancient Egypt Clothing.

Egyptian Costumes :: Here are some more images of Egyptian Costumes with several images of men, and one of a joyous Egyptian woman and her family.

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry :: The first of three pages of Ancient Egyptian Jewelry gives us the Nefer, a buckle from the girdle of Isis, a scarab, and a golden collar amulet

Egyptian Jewelry :: More images of Egyptian Jewelry with Eye amulets, the Sceptre, the Tat, the Heart, and the Aper.

Egyptian Artifacts :: Here are five more pictures of Egyptian Artifacts with drawings of the ankh, the menat, the single and double plume, a cartouche, and a charm of Bes, god of laughter.

Ancient Egyptian Symbols :: Here you'll find eight images of Ancient Egyptian Symbols: Isis, Horus, Nepthys, Osiris, the crux ansata, and more ancient Egyptian dieties.

Egyptian Symbols :: This page of Egyptian Symbols features the winged sun, a sacred beetle, the bull Apis, the sphinxes of Ammun-Ra, and an image of the goddess Isis.

Hieroglyphics :: Here we have five fragments of manuscripts with the familiar Hieroglyphics of Egypt.

Egyptian Mythology :: This is the first of several pages devoted to Egyptian Mythology. This one has pictures of Ptah of Thebes, Anubis, the Memphian Khnum, and Isis nursing Horus.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses :: Here we have five images of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses: the Egyptian hippopotamus goddess, Set, the god of darkness, Anubis, Typhon, and Bes the Cheerful (although she looks pretty grim to me.)

Ancient Egyptian Gods :: Thoth-Lunos, Hathor (Isis), Chnemu, and the Memphian Ptah are shown on this page of Ancient Egyptian Gods.

Egyptian Religion :: This page shows images from the Egyptian Religion including a drawing of the judgment of the dead, the embalming process, a funeral procession, and three mummy cases.

Ancient Egyptian Temples :: On this page of Ancient Egyptian Temples are the Temple of Abydos, ruins of Thebes, the sculptured facade of the Temple of Edfu, the Temple of Isis at the island of Elephantine, and some decorative columns from Karnak.

Ancient Egypt Temples :: The images on this page focus on the Temple of Karnak, one of the most famous of the Ancient Egypt Temples, with views of the hall of columns, a gateway arch, the Temple of Chesnus, and an interior sculptured wall.

Egyptian Columns :: Five drawings of Egyptian Columns show designs from the Temple of Denderah, Thebes, and other lesser known temples.

Egyptian Pyramids :: A collection of Egyptian images wouldn't be complete without lots of pictures of Egyptian Pyramids. This page has Bedouins at the pyramids, the sphinx and pyramid, two pyramid scenes, and the pyramid of Dashur.

Pyramids of Egypt :: This page of Pyramids of Egypt shows a color-tinted picture of the sphinx and pyramid, the Nile with pyramids in the distance, close-up pictures, and the pyramds of Cephren and Sakkarah.

Pharaohs :: We wouldn't have all those great pyramids to be amazed by if it weren't for the Pharaohs who had them built. On this page are pictures of Amenhotep IV and his family, Ramses III as Osiris, and two etchings of Amenophis IV.

Egyptian Pharaohs :: Four more Egyptian Pharaohs with Ramses II and III, Menepta, and a collection of portraits of famous kings.

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt :: Need more pictures of Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt? Here are five more pictures of Rahotep, Rehoboam, Ramses II, and Antinous.

Ancient Egyptian Warfare :: These five images show scenes from Ancient Egyptian Warfare -- a foot soldier, a victory of Ramses II, a military phalanx, and Egyptians in battle against the Ethiopians.

Egyptian Boats :: What did those ancient Egyptians need when the Nile flooded? Lots of Egyptian Boats! Here are five pictures of different types of sailing vessels.

Map of Ancient Egypt :: We end this latest set of images with a color Map of Ancient Egypt in two versions.

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt :: Queen Cleopatra of Egypt's history intertwined with the Romans. Here are pictures of her meeting and spending time with Marc Antony.

Queen Cleopatra :: There images show Queen Cleopatra with Antony in Egypt, during the Battle Actium, watching Antony's lifeless body being carried away, and working her charms on Octavianus.

Mummies :: I love images of Ancient Egypt, so it was great fun to stumble upon these engravings of Mummies which are based on photographs taken at the Museum at Boolak. They include the royal remains of several famous and lesser-known Egyptian kings and queens.

Egyptian Mummies :: This page has six more images of Egyptian Mummies including close-ups of outer mummy cases.

Egyptian Gods :: On this page of Egyptian Gods you'll discover Isis, Pasht- the cat-god, Ammon, an Egyptian preistess, a mummy case, and Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Egyptian Art :: From Egyptian tomb paintings come six images of Egyptian Art depicting the different clothing and types of people from Ancient Egypt.

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Famous Explorers :: On this page are pictures of Famous Explorers such as Francis Drake, Ponce deLeon and Vasco de Balboa. There are also two navigational maps.

European Explorers :: More European Explorers are on this page, with pictures of Magellan, DeSoto, and Raleigh, among others. There is also an engraving of "Spanish Barbarities in the New World."

Christopher Columbus :: There are two different portraits of Christopher Columbus on this page, as well as images of his ships, his meeting with Isabella and Ferdinand, and his landing on San Salvador.

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