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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 2, which describes the images for the following categories: Assyrians, Aztecs, Babies, Birds, Birthdays, and Butterflies.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 2

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Assyrian Empire :: The Assyrian Empire was a powerful force in this region. Here you'll find a color map, the palace of Asshur-Izir-Pal, two views of the palace of Sargon, and a bas-relief of the transport of the winged bull.

Assyria :: More images of Assyria with pictures of an Assyrian kelek, an emblem of Ashur, Assyrians going to battle, a winged lion, and two dragons fighting.

Ancient Assyrians :: On this page of Ancient Assyrians you'll find men sueing for peace, an image of a lion hunt from Ninevah, and the images of an Assyrian king, prince, and princess.

Assyrians :: Our final page of the Assyrians shows Assyrian soldiers, a king and his captives, a Ninevite hero, King Sennacherib, and the death of Sarcus.

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Aztecs :: These images of the Aztecs depict several Aztec structures, Quetzalcoat,l and another Aztec idol.

Aztec Art :: These examples of Aztec Art include sculptures, pottery, the Aztec calendar, and Aztec idols.

Aztec Indians :: An Aztec woman and man, an engraving that shows a human sacrifice, Aztec ruins, and an idol reflect the culture of the Aztec Indians.

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Free Baby Clip Art :: Six adorable examples Free Baby Clip Art. You'll find babies swimming, fishing, and playing with dragonflies.

Baby Cartoons :: Here you'll find six more Baby Cartoons in black and white, including babies riding on a barrel, riding on fish, and fishing for a dolly in a tub.

Cute Baby Pictures :: This set of Cute Baby Pictures contain black and white drawings on colored backgrounds. There are six sweet babies conversing with bunnies, squirrels, kittens, and a couple of storks.

Baby Images :: This page has a nice assortment of color and black and white Baby Images including a set of twins and a Japanese "mama" with her baby dolls.

Baby Clipart :: On this page of Baby Clipart you'll find four black and white engravings of babies, as well as two old postcard images.

Free Baby Clipart :: For this Free Baby Clipart I scanned five engravings from two antique books about health and happiness. There's a picture of a baby and a bird, a baby playing the drums, a happy birthday baby, two young children playing, and a baby in her mother's arms.

New Baby Clipart :: Quiet babies, adorable babies, crying babies, sleeping babies - they're all represented on this page of New Baby Clipart.

Baby Pictures :: This page of Baby Pictures has eight pencil-sketched portraits precious babies.

Baby Graphics :: On this page of Baby Graphics you'll find six tinted pictures of a baby with a rose, a diaper baby, an African American baby, a baby in a big basket, and two images of mothers holding their infants.

Baby Shower Clipart :: If you need some vintage Baby Shower Clipart you'll find eight lovely line drawings here that would be perfect to print-out and color.

Baby Angels :: Baby Angels or baby fairies? Hard to say except that these five color pics of babies with wings are all adorable.

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Babylonia :: We're heading off for Babylonia with a color map and four more views of this ancient culture, including a view of Jerusalem, the temple of Solomon, and the capture of Babylon by the Persians.

Babylonians :: Saul being annointed by Samuel, the seige of Tyre, captive Jews, and Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar make up this page of Babylonians.

Ancient Babylon :: Five more images of Ancient Babylon are on this page. There is an illustration of King Nimrod, a view of Babylon, an image of Ashtaroth, an ornament, and a creepy image of Beelzebub, the fly god.

Babylon :: These five images of Babylon show a restoration of the sourthern citadel of the city, Croesus on the funeral pyre, a lion of Babylon, a statue of Gudea, merchants of Babylon, and King Belshazzar.

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Bird Drawings :: Take a look at these wonderfully detailed engravings of Bird Drawings found in an old German magazine from the mid-1800's.

Bird Clipart :: Engravings of Bird Clipart from the book Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne by Rev. Gilbert White - copyright 1853. There are pictures of the following birds: hoopoe, bohemian wax-wing, stone-curlew, nuthatch, and esculent swallow.

Bird Clip Art :: More lovely Bird Clip Art including a stock dove, a long-legged plover, a martin, a peregrine falcon, and a dead hybrid pheasant (nice picture, but it makes me sad.)

Pictures of Birds :: Here are six colorful Pictures of Birds, including the sepoy finch, red-headed bunting, Chinese bulbul, canary bird, Brazilian tanager, and a bell-bird.

Types of Birds :: This set of images of Types of Birds include an orchard oriole, a blue bullfinch, a java grosbeak, a nightingale, a rose-breasted grosbeak, and a painted bunting.

Wild Birds :: Here's a delightful page of Wild Birds featuring color images of a golden oriole, swallow dicaeum, parrot finch, stitch bird, araguira, and a whistling thrush.

Bird Nests :: If you love Bird Nests as much as I do, you'll be thrilled with these engravings of nests belonging to the capocier, sedge-warbler, butcher-bird, pine-pine, pino-pine, reed bunting, and tailor bird.

Bird of Paradise :: We used to have a Bird of Paradise growing in our atrium when I was a little girl, but that was a plant! Here are the flying kind-- the magnificient bird of paradise, the golden bird of paradise, the emerald bird of paradise and the king birds of paradise.

Toucan :: Here are six images of the venerable Toucan including a group shot, close up of the head of a toucan, the toco toucan, two images of a toucan at roost, and the curl-crested aracaris.

Woodpeckers :: Woody has nothing on these eight images of Woodpeckers. Here you'll find a lesser spotted woodpecker, a caffre woodpecker, a three-toed woodpecker, a shore's woodpecker, a Chilian woodpecker, a great spotted woodpecker, and a green woodpecker.

Hummingbirds :: No one can resist the delicate nature of a beautiful Hummingbird. On this page are the following varieties: bar-tailed, sickle-winged, cora, ruby-throated, double-crested, a flock of hummingbirds and a hummingbird nest.

Types of Penguins :: Here are a variety of views of different Types of Penguins featuring the Patagonian penguin, king penguin, jackass penguin, and the crested penguin.

Geese :: Did you know there was a time when some people thought that Geese hatched from barnicles? Me neither. But here you'll find the bernicle goose, bean goose, Canada goose, Egyptian goose, and a cereopsis geese with their young.

Owls :: Images of the hawk owl, barn owl, great owl, burrowing owl, Virginia horned owl, and ural owl are all on this page of, you guessed it-- Owls!

Kingfishers :: Last but not least is this page of Kingfishers. Included are the sacred kingfisher, gigantic kingfisher, common kingfisher, pelted kingfisher, great Senegal kingfisher, and the ternate kingfisher.

Baby Chicks :: This page features five examples of Baby Chicks taken Easter postcards.

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Birthday Clipart :: If you're looking for Birthday Clipart with which to make your own birthday cards, here four great color images you can use.

Free Printable Birthday Cards :: On this page Free Printable Birthday Cards you'll find some colorful floral greetings that you can print on cardstock or use to make your own cards.

Birthday Greetings :: Four more Birthday Greetings with sweet sentiments and lovely floral designs.

Birthday Cards :: These four Birthday Cards feature lovely windows adorned with flowers, little birds, and beautifully written birthday greetings.

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Drawings of Butterflies :: This page has six color Drawings of Butterflies along with little birds and flowers.

Butterfly Drawings :: This page of Butterfly Drawings contains six black and white images of the Hawthorne, Brimstone, Orange-Tip, Common Cabbage, Green-Veined White, and Pale Clouded Yellow butterfly.

Butterfly Pictures :: Five more Butterfly Pictures including the amazing Eighty-Nine butterfly and the Many-Banded Dagger Wing.

Pictures of Butterflies :: Eight additional Pictures of Butterflies including the Swallowtail, the Long-Tailed Skipper, and the Red Admiral. Cool names!!

Butterfly Graphics :: More black and white Butterfly Graphics display the Swallow-Tail, Orange Argus, Purple Emperor, Great and Small Tortoiseshell, and Red Admiral butterflies.

Butterfly Art :: On this page of Butterfly Art you'll find examples of the Silver Washed Fritillary, the Common Copper Butterfly, the Duke of Burgandy Fritillary, and three images of butterfly groupings.

Types of Butterflies :: Six different Types of Butterflies in color are found on this page, including Zebra Swallowtails, the Cosmopolitan, some Common Skippers, the Blue-Eyed Grayling, a female Regal Fritillary, and cluster of assorted butterflies.

Kinds of Butterflies :: The Black-Bordered Yellow, the Clouded Sulphur, the Silver-Spot Fritillary, the Gulf Fritillary, the Buckeye, the Painted Beauty, the Banded Purple, the Red-Spotted Purple, the Zebra Swallowtail, the Orange Sulphur, and the Dog's Head are the Kinds of Butterflies you'll find in color on this page.

Monarch Butterfly :: Here are six images of the wonderful Monarch Butterfly. There are four black and white photographs, one color photograph, and one color drawing of the Monarch.

Butterfly Wings :: On this page are two labeled side views and four full views of detailed line drawings of Butterfly Wings.

Caterpillars :: Here you'll discover four black and white drawings of Milkweed, Swallowtail, Viceroy, and Goatweed Caterpillars, as well as color drawings of caterpillars of the the Wood Satyr and the Hunter's Butterfly.

Types of Caterpillars :: Color illustrations of ten different Types of Caterpillars can be found on this page.

Chrysalis :: On this page are seven color Chrysalis images with corresponding black and white detailed line drawings.

Butterfly Stages :: Drawings of the caterpillar, chrysalis, and adult for the Viceroy, Painted Beauty, Black Swallowtail, Imported Cabbage, and Mourning-Cloak butterflies can be found on this page depicting Butterfly Stages.

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