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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 13, which describes the images for the following categories: Vintage Images, Water Worlds, Wedding Day, and World Religions.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 13

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Edwardian Dresses :: This page has an assortment of four black and white and two color examples of Edwardian Dresses.

Edwardian Clothing :: Six drawings of Edwardian Clothing in black and white, including evening gowns, daytime wear, and coats.

Edwardian Fashion :: This set of Edwardian Fashion images presents several elaborate women's blouses and two very fancy hats.

Edwardian Clothes :: This page has a nice assortment of black and white sketches of Edwardian Clothes including dramatic evening wear, coats, and two color images of women in corsets.

Edwardian Dress :: Four grayscale and two color examples of Edwardian Dress styles with the tiny waists and voluminous skirts and sleeves.

1900 Fashion :: This next page of 1900's Fashion has wonderful images of mothers and daughters and young girls taken from women's magazines of the early 1900's.

Edwardian Costumes :: Adorable images of mothers and children in color and black and white.

Children Clip Art :: On this page are a set of twelve colorful pieces of Children Clip Art from a book by Kate Greenaway.

Vintage Clipart :: Three scrumptious color chromoliths of children and their dogs make up this page of Vintage Clipart.

Free Clipart :: Going through some of my newer old books, I found fifteen color plates and wasn't sure how to categorize them, so I decided to just call five of them Free Clipart. In this set you'll find a boy and girl making music together, a seaside scene, and three more adorable color images of children.

Free Clipart Images :: Here are five more Free Clipart Images of ladies posing for a Grecian tableau, a little girl and her doll, a pretty lady sitting in the branches of a tree, and two more color pictures.

Download Free Clipart :: If you're looking to Download Free Clipart, then you may enjoy these large color images of a beautiful flower girl, a one-man band, a boy in an out-of-control vegetable cart and more.

Copyright Free Images :: A vintage postcard of a gypsy, a bird, and a hand-tinted etching of a young girl are part of these copyright free images.

Copyright Free Pictures :: This page of copyright free pictures includes a hand-tinted image of two children with a magpie, a vintage postcard of two children, and an etching of an Egyptian woman.

English Countryside :: From the same book where I got the bird engravings, I also scanned some wonderful images of the English Countryside. Here you'll find a wonderful old map of Selborne, a general view of the countryside, a village street, a country lane, and a meandering path along a stream.

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Ocean Clip Art :: Vintage black and white images of a sea turtle, ancient ammononite, and a sea flower on the ocean clip art page.

Ocean Animals Clip Art :: More vintage black and white images of ocean life. In the ocean animals clip art page you'll find a giant crab, star fish, and a hairy medusa.

Pictures of Fish :: A Spanish Mackerel, a regular mackerel, a bluefish, porgy, herring, and codfish are all represented on this page of colored Pictures of Fish.

Ocean Fish :: This page of Ocean Fish has six color pictures of a sardine, sawfish, salmon, sunfish, blowfish, and moonfish.

Fish Clipart :: On this page of Fish Clipart you'll find six color pictures of a carp, yellow perch, brook trout, striped bass, butterfish, and gold fish.

Types of Fish :: If you need some more color images of different Types of Fish you'll find six images of shad, catfish, sea robin, swordfish, perch, and sea bass.

Fish Species :: Here you'll find a great assortment of engravings of a variety of Fish Species including fishes from the perch family, carp family, pike family, flat fish family, salmon and trout family, and other spine-rayed fishes.

Fish Drawings :: On this page of Fish Drawings you'll see more spine-rayed fish, a butterfly and gattoruginous blenny (that's a mouth full!), fish from the cod, herring, and pichard families, a blue striped wrasse, trumpet fish, American tautog, and a crappie.

Fish Pictures :: A dory, pilot fish, beaked chelmon, yellow-barbed perch, flying gunard, and a flying fish can all be found on this page of Fish Pictures.

Jellyfish :: This page shows various images of beautiful Jellyfish with exotic names such as favonia octonems, chrysaora lutea, pelagia labicha, dianaea, and thaumatias cymbaloidea. Say one of those five times fast!

Types of Jellyfish :: If you need more Types of Jellyfish you'll find the lymnorea triedra, charybdaea periphylla, tima flavilabris, rhizostoma cuvieri, and the ever-popular aequorea cyanea on this page.

Aquarium Fish :: There are six beautiful scenes featuring Aquarium Fish on this page, with drawings of sunfish, chichlasoma, colisa, and bettas, to name just a few.

Tropical Fish :: Another set of coloful Tropical Fish are on this page, including macropodus, panchax, gularis, and helleri.

Aqauarium Plants :: Here is an assortment of twelve black and white line drawings of Aquarium Plants to go along with the little fishes.

Mollusks :: One thing that all Mollusks have in common is a foot! Or two or more. But they're mostly known for their beautiful shells. However, the ones on this page are generally shell-less and squishy. You'll find a sea worm, starfish, sea snail, jelly fish, octopus, squid, and several anemones.

Seashells :: This page has eight more Seashells including a conch, spindle, triton, scallop, cowrie, limpet, giant clam, and a rose branch murex (yes, I had to look that up!)

Mermaids :: Six beautiful mermaids and one merman (I believe it's Triton) can be found on this page of Mermaids.

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Wedding Clipart :: Various art works portraying weddings have been scanned for this Free Wedding Clipart page. A picture of a honeymoon, and a village wedding, a picture of bridesmaids, and Romeo and Juliet's marriage are included.

Free Wedding Clipart :: A Spanish wedding, a Medieval wedding, and a Chinese wedding are all included in this page of Free Wedding Clipart.

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Women in History :: This page has an assortment of images of eight awesome Women in History from the book Historic Girlhoods by Rupert Sargent Holland. You'll find Joan of Arc, Lady Jane Grey, Mary Stuart, and Catherine the Great among them.

Famous Women in History :: Eight more beautiful illustrations of Famous Women in History, including Cleaopatria, Penelope, Jenny Lind, and Florence Nightengale.

Historical Women :: In this set of engravings of Historical Women you'll find Joan Darc, Isabella of Castille, Anne Boleyn, Eugenie, and three more.

Princess Victoria :: Six illustrations of Princess Victoria up to the age of sixteen.

Queen Victoria of England :: Six more drawings of Queen Victoria of England showing her coronation and images of her in 1843, 1845, 1851, and 1855.

Queen Victoria Pictures ::

This last page of Queen Victoria Pictures include scenes from her marriage and her Diamond Jubilee in 1887.

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Hindu Gods :: You can find six popular Hindu Gods here: Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, Krishna, Ganesh, and a very scary image of Kali.

Pagan Gods :: Dagon, Bacchus, Venus on a tortoise, and other Assyrian and Egyptian imagery is on this page of Pagan Gods.

Our Lady of Guadalupe :: Our Lady of Guadalupe is a black and white line drawing I made. You can print it and color it in if you like.

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