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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 12, which describes the images for the following categories: Symbols, Thanksgiving, Trains, Valentine's Day, Victorian Fashion, and Vintage Fashion.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 12

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Alchemy Symbols :: Six different images relating to Alchemy Symbols including about fifteen signs, two pictures of the Philosopher's Stone, and one of an alchemic still.

Sacred Geometry :: Six example of the concept of Sacred Geometry wherein the proportions of a human body are shown to have a geometrical relationship to shapes in nature. Cool stuff!

Astrology Signs :: This page of Astrology Signs shows all the ancient symbols and two drawings of hands with the symbols aligned.

Zodiac Symbols :: Here are six more Zodiac Symbols which include diagrams of how the signs align in the heavens.

Pagan Symbols :: Eight images of Pagan Symbols provide drawings of a serpent, Diana, the sign of Yoni, Assyrian priests and angels, and a double-headed Etruscan coin.

Hindu Symbols :: Here are six engravings of various Hindu Symbols with examples of Devi, Siva, Bhavhani and Krishna and others.

Buddhist Symbols :: These images of Buddhist Symbols depict the tomb of a Buddhist priest, a white elephant, prayer machines, and various emblems.

Buddhist Statues :: Buddhist Statues from India, Thailand, China, and Japan are shown on this page.

Chinese Symbols :: This page contains eight examples of Chinese Symbols including a Chinese ornament, a charm to protect brides, and an assortment of gods, including the kitchen god, and the god of thunder.

Japanese Symbols :: Ten different Japanese Symbols are on this page, including ones of the rice god, the god of happiness, and the gods of riding, war, and the wind.

Jewish Symbols :: Six Jewish Symbols are on this page with pictures of a mezzuzah, shekels, scrolls, menorah, and two Jewish priests.

Christian Symbols :: This page of Christian Symbols features two engavings of the Virgin and Jesus, a fleur-di-Lis, and symbols representing the trinity.

Cross Clipart :: Five black and white drawings of Cross Clipart are on this page with a picture of the following crosses: Jerusalem, Maltese, Salem, Passion, Patriarchal, St. Andrew's, Teutonic, Tau, and Templar.

Christian Crosses :: This page of Christian Crosses features a variety of lovely crosses adorned with floral illustrations.

Religious Crosses :: Here are five more colorful images of Religious Crosses.

Cross Symbols :: Here are five images of Cross Symbols.

Ancient Symbols :: Six more examples of Ancient Symbols from the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry shows the four-horned goat, Baal, the Sun God, Dagon, Ashtaroth, and Nergal.

Religious Symbols :: Here are six more Religious Symbols with engravings of Noah (Bramah) and his three sons, as well as Vishnu, Abraxas, Nergal, Baal, and a Syrian goddess.

Occult Symbols :: This page features five examples of Occult Symbols with images of Astarte, Neptune, Nergal, and a four-horned goat inside a pentagram. Creepy.

Zodiac Signs :: On this page are six images of the Zodiac Signs for aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, and virgo.

Astrological Signs :: Here are the remiaining Astrological Signs for libra, scorpio, sagittarious, capricorn, aquarius, and pisces.

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Thanksgiving Clipart :: These vintage postcards of Thanksgiving Clipart are filled with the warm colors of autumn and the holiday's bountiful harvest.

Thanksgiving Pictures :: Eight playful color Thanksgiving Pictures with children, turkeys, pumpkins, flowers, and more.

Turkey Clipart :: Need some Turkey Clipart for your invitations and dinner placecards? Some cute and silly turkeys await you here.

Cartoon Turkey :: These six Cartoon Turkey images will be great to have at Thanksgiving time next year.

Pumpkin Clip Art :: An assortment of rotund pumpkins in all there lucious glory can be found on this page of Pumpkin Clip Art.

Thanksgiving Art :: Country scenes, turkeys, and a pretty picture of a Puritan maiden are on this page of Thanksgiving Art.

Free Thanksgiving Clipart :: Six more colorful images of Free Thanksgiving Clipart including pies and Pilgrims can be found on this page.

Thanksgiving Images :: This page has six Thanksgiving Images of turkeys, fruits and vegetable, and a young Pilgrim girl swinging inside of a wishbone.

Thanksgiving Pics :: Here are six Thanksgiving Pics including several adorable images of Pilgrim children with turkeys.

Thanksgiving Clip Art for Free :: This collection of Thanksgiving Clip Art for Free shows children enjoying the fruits of the harvest, with flowers, pumpkins, turkeys, grapes, and more.

Free Thanksgiving Pictures :: Another page of Free Thanksgiving Pictures gives us scenes from the first Thanksgiving, Pilgrims praying over their abundant harvest, Native Americans in a canoe with a fat turkey, and more lucious fruits and vegetables.

Free Turkey Clipart :: On this page of Free Turkey Clipart are six big and beautiful birds.

Thanksgiving Graphics :: More Pilgrims, pumpkins, and turkeys grace this page of Thanksgiving Graphics.

Thanksgiving Cards :: On this page are five Thanksgiving Cards that you can print out, fold, and share with your loved ones. There are colorful pictures on the outside, and thoughtful sentiments on the inside.

Thanksgiving Greetings :: Five more cards expressing Thanksgiving Greetings can be found on this page.

Thanksgiving Wishes :: Here are five sweet cards to help you send Thanksgiving Wishes to friends and family.

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards :: A nice selection of five colorful Thanksgiving Greeting Cards that you can print out and use right away.

Free Thanksgiving Cards :: This page of five Free Thanksgiving Cards makes it easy to send out holiday greetings.

Happy Thanksgiving Greetings :: Brightly colored images of children, fabulous food, and turkeys that you can print out make it easy to send Happy Thanksgiving Greetings to your loved ones.

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Steam Trains :: This page has four color and one black and white image of Steam Trains with trains from New York, Ireland, and Paris, among others.

Train Clipart :: Here are six engravings of Train Clipart depicting the parts of the train, the inside of the engine, a pullman car, and a drawing of when the two railway lines met in the middle.

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Valentine's Day Pictures :: Four scrumptious vintage color Valentine's Day Pictures of romantic couples.

Valentine Pictures :: Four more color Valentine Pictures from vintage postcards of couples in love.

Valentine Clipart :: Three vintage color postcards of Valentine Clipart to help celebrate this day of luv.

Valentine Cards :: These four vintage Valentine Cards would look great tucked into a bouquet of flowers or beneath the ribbon on a box of candy.

Valentine Graphics :: When you're ready to make your own Valentine card, these five romantic Valentine Graphics will surely come in handy.

Valentine Hearts :: You're not going to be able to resist these adorable valentines featuring cupids and all shapes and sizes of Valentine Hearts.

Heart Graphics :: On this page are eight lovely color Heart Graphics with hearts surrounded by flowers, or filled with the picture of a dove, a romantic couple, or the sweet face of a child.

Pictures of Hearts :: Five different Pictures of Hearts in color, including one image of cupid holding a heart on fire.

Cupids :: No respectable selection of valentine pictures would be complete withou some mischievous Cupids around.

Cupid Graphics :: Here are four more Cupid Graphics that would look great on a card for any sweetheart.

Cupid Clipart :: If all the previous colorful cupids aren't enough, here are some wonderful black and white engravings of Cupid Clipart.

Valentines Day Clipart :: Here are five adorable children and one dove ready to make a special delivery of Valentines Day Clipart to someone special.

Free Valentine Clipart :: This page, with six more pieces of charming Free Valentine Clipart includes romantic floral vignettes and a cute girl with a bouquet.

Valentine Roses :: You'll love these six scrumptious Valentine Roses in shades of pink, peach, red, and yellow.

Valentines Day Flowers :: Here are six more colorful Valentines Day Flowers including violets, pansies, daisies, and more roses.

Valentines Flowers :: Cyclamen, orchids, pansies, and more roses are among the Valentine Flowers found on this page.

Valentines Day Cards :: If you need an idea for some Valentines Day Cards, you'll find a nice selection of scenes and sentiments here.

Free Valentines Day Cards :: These Free Valentines Day Cards will provide you some sweet inspiration with images of children, flowers, couples in love, and more.

Happy Valentines Day :: Here are six large romantic images to make everyday a Happy Valentines Day.

Valentines Day :: More Valentines Day images are waiting for you.

Valentine Poems :: You can copy these Valentine Poems alone or use them with the pretty artwork that surrounds them.

Valentines Day Hearts :: Big, luscious Valentines Day Hearts are good for any romantic occasion.

Heart Clipart :: Eight more images of red Heart Clipart can be found on this page.

Pink Hearts :: If it's Pink Hearts you need for your valentine, then you've come to the right place.

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Victorian Dresses :: Here we have eight hand-tinted illustrations of Victorian Dresses from an 1868 edition of Peterson's Magazine. Wonderful ruffles and frills and gigantic hoop skirts abound.

Victorian Fashion :: There are more color pictures of Victorian Fashion from Peterson's Magazine on this page, as well as some lovely black and white fashion illustrations.

Victorian Clothes :: Six detailed line art drawings of women in their elegant Victorian Clothes can be found on this page.

Victorian Clothing :: The amazing details on these engravings of women's Victorian Clothing will take your breath away.

Victorian Era Clothing :: More Victorian Era Clothing including blouses, shawls, and embroidered capes.

Victorian Hats :: And here are nine more Victorian Hats and bonnets from 1868.

Victorian Hairstyles :: Under all those fancy hats were some pretty amazing Victorian Hair Styles full of buns and ringlets.

Victorian Children :: These wonderful illustrations of Victorian Children will give you a good idea of the latest in children's fashion from the mid-1800's.

Victorian Clipart :: Five black and white engravings of girls with birds, cats, taking piano lessons, and playing jump rope were scanned for this Victorian Clipart .

Free Victorian Clipart :: Three more engravings, but this time I've included a black and white and and a colorized image of each one. This Free Victorian Clipart includes images of three girls in a boat, children at Sunday School, and a forlorn looking woman waiting for a train.

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Vintage Women :: I know you're going to love these exquisite scanned engravings of six Vintage Women.

Vintage Dresses :: On this page of Vintage Dresses, you'll find seven images of gorgeous Edwardian designs-- three in color and the rest in black and white-- from the 1903 edition of The Designer magazine.

Fashion Illustrations :: Even though these Fashion Illustrations are from 1913, they have a fairly modern look to them with lots of draping, rich colors, and Native American Indian inspired details.

Vintage Shoes :: These Vintage Shoes, which were scanned from magazines from the early 1900's, are not very attractive, but they look pretty sturdy. Pointy toes were in vogue back then. Who says fashions don't come back around?

Vintage Purses :: From a 1913 copy of Ladies' Home Journal come pictures of nine adorable Vintage Purses in a variety of colorful styles.

Women's Hats :: From the same edition of Ladies' Home Journal is a selection of six charming Women's Hats, or bonnets, with ribbons, beading, and bows.

Ladies' Hats :: Here are five extravagant Ladies' Hats from a French women's fashion magazine called Femina - circa 1903.

Historical Costumes :: Engravings of costumes from the 8th to the 16th century can be found on the Historical Costumes page.

Vintage Clothing :: More images of Vintage Clothing from the Renaissance to the Twenties can be found here.

Vintage Hats :: Lovely ladies in fashionable Vintage Hats from the Victorian Era.

Men's Vintage Hats :: Check out this manly men wearing all different styles of Men's Vintage Hats

Vintage Hairstyles :: On this page are a variety of Vintage Hairstyles from short curls with bangs to illustrations of how to loop long hair into a Grecian style bun.

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