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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 10, which describes the images for the following categories: Patriotic Images, Ancient Persians, Phoenicians, Pirates, Renaissance, and Ancient Rome.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 10

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Patriotic Images :: Ancient Persians :: Phoenicians :: Pirates :: Renaissance :: Ancient Rome


Patriotic Clipart :: From my collection of vintage postards you'll find Patriotic Clipart of George Washington and Indpendence Hall.

Patriotic Pictures :: For these Patriotic Pictures there are three vintage postcards -- George Washington receiving the flag, his "original" hatchet, and a photo of General Joseph Wheeler.

4th of July Clipart :: Rounding out my collection of patriotic vintage postcards is this 4th of July Clipart of children celebrating Independence Day with fireworks, firecrackers, and other amusements.

American Flag :: Just in the time for the Fourth of July, here are four color images of the American Flag.

American Flag Clipart :: Four more red, white, and blue images of American Flag Clipart.

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Persian War :: This is the first of three pages of softly tinted, stylized illustrations of the Persian War. This page contains the following titles: The Oracle, The Festival of Athene: Horsemen, the Festival of Athene: Branchbearers, Women Keeping Festival, and the Chariot Race.

Greek Persian Wars :: Here are five more color engravings of the Greek Persian Wars depicting a flute player and dancers, Marathon, a race in armour, the banqueting table, and a chariot.

Herodotus :: Much of our knowledge of the Greek-Persian wars is based on the works of the author Herodotus. Here are six more images from his history: including a coin with Herodotus's face, a horse race, offerings, a torch dance, a sacrifice, and the Battle of Plataea.

Cyrus the Great :: Cyrus the Great was one of the most influential leaders in the Near East. Here you'll find a picture of him as a young man, two images of him as an adult, his image sculpted in stone, and a drawing of his tomb.

Persian Empire :: This page contains five engravings relating to the Persian Empire, including the royal palaces of Darius and Ispahan, the temple of Atech-Ga, and the tomb of Iman Mousa.

Ancient Persia :: A Persian worshipping Ahura-Mazdao, the tomb of Zobeide, the Temple of Diana at Ephesus, ancient Susa and the rock cut tomb of Darius I near Persepolis, make up this page of images from Ancient Persia.

Persian Women :: Five black and white engravings of Persian Women are on this page with a picture of mourners wailing, a woman from Ispahan, and some women from Chiraz.

Persians :: This page of Persians features men with their animals, Gueber ceremonies at the temple of Atech-Ga, an Iranian family, some Perso-Mohammedans, and Darius Codomanius.

Persian Army :: Here are six images of the Persian Army with pictures of Cambyses killing an apis, the Battle of Cunaxa, the return of the 10,000 under Xenophon, the Batle of Isus, and two images of Alexander the Great.

Persian Clothing :: These wonderful images of Persian Clothing are of Usbek and Tajik men, a young falconer, royalty, a scholar, mountaineers, and Kurds.

Persian History :: Six more images from Persian History include an ornament, a Persian king, Croesus on the pyre, a frieze of archers from the Palace of Darius at Suza, the king in combat with an evil spirit, and the only illustration I've ever found of King Xerxes.

Map of Persia :: Here are two colorful Map of Persia images.

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Phoenicia :: The Mesopotamian landscape, a view of Tyre, a speciman of Syriac manuscript, and examples of pottery and jewelry from Phoenicia can be seen on this page.

Phoenicians :: This page of Phoenicians has engravings of a scene at court, King Solomon receiving treasure, a priest denouncing judgments to the king, the goddess Astarte, and the Phoenician fleet.

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Pirate Art :: Here you'll find seven examples of Pirate Art by Howard Pyle - all in glorious color.

Pirate Clothing :: This page has five color images, and two black and white, of buccaneers in their sometimes flamboyant, other times threadbare, Pirate Clothing.

Free Pirate Clipart :: This page of Free Pirate Clipart contains seven black and white images of some major scalliwags and their weapons.

Pirate Graphics :: Seven more exampless of black and white Pirate Graphics are on this page.

Famous Pirates :: Four Famous Pirates including Henry Morgan, Bartolomew Portugues, Rock. Brasiliano, and Francis Lolonois. Two images of looting and pillaging.

Pirate Ships :: All pirates need Pirate Ships; here are four of them.

Pirate Treasure Map :: Five dubious Pirate Treasure Maps on this page.

Pirate Clipart :: Here are four colorful images of Pirate Clipart including a cute pirate girl valentine.

Pirate Pictures :: Five Pirate Pictures show these shiftless bucanneers at their most despicable. Be warned!

Pirates :: Arghh matey! On this page of Pirates you'll see pirate weapons, Barbary pirates, privateers, stranded pirates waiting for rescue, pirate costumes, and pirates getting into a heap of trouble.

Famous Pirates :: Bartolomew, Brasiliano, and Lolonois are among the nefarious characters on this updated page of Famous Pirates.

Buccaneers :: Warning! Not for the squeamish! These page shows various images of of Buccaneers at their very worst- including various images of Captain Kidd, beheadings, torture, and other evil-doings.

Captain Morgan :: It's been said that Captain Morgan was "the greatest of the robber chiefs." Here you'll find him torturing prisoners, threatening a woman, and dueling to the death, among other dastardly deeds.

Blackbeard :: Two black and white and one color image of that infamous sea dog Blackbeard the Pirate.

Pirate Vessels :: This set of images of Pirate Vessels include buccaneers capturing a galleon, disastrous explosions, pirate attacks, and dangers on stormy seas.

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Elizabethan Clothing :: On this page of Elizabethan Clothing you'll find two royal dresses, two men in tights, and one lovely girl.

Elizabethan Costumes :: A diverse selection of Elizabethan Costumes including two falconers, a fancy man on horseback, a knight without armor, and ways to belt your sword.

Elizabethan Fashion :: In the world of Elizabethan Fashion are two examples of men in tights, scenes from a royal wedding and a very fancy lady's dress.

Renaissance :: Men sure loved their ruffles, lace, and pantaloons during the Renaissance. Even when they were out hunting.

Renaissance Clothing :: These images of Renaissance Clothing display five women including one at a masquerade ball.

Renaissance Costumes :: On this page you'll find eight examples of elaborate Renaissance Costumes.

Renaissance Dresses :: The outfit I wore when I worked at the local Renaissance Faire was nothing like these ten Renaissance Dresses.

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Pictures of Rome :: We start our collection of Roman images with five Pictures of Rome showing the Bay of Balae with ruins of Roman villas, a Roman court, the interior of a Roman house, the Circus Maximus, and the villa of Hadrian.

Ancient Rome :: Five different pictures of Ancient Rome are on this page -- senators entering the hall, the Appian Way, Hadrian's mausoleum, the Temple of Pallas, and a funeral ceremony at the palace of Julius Caesar.

Ancient Roman Architecture :: Five pictures of Ancient Roman Architecture include the Arch of Constantine, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Baths of Carcalla, and a Roman villa.

Pompeii :: Here are five pictures of Pompeii including wall paintings, a shop scene, and the inside of a home.

Ancient Pompeii :: More of Ancient Pompeii with images of roads, homes, ruins, and beautiful women.

Artifacts of Pompeii :: This page of Artifacts of Pompeii has drawings of items found in the ruins of the buried city -- kitchen utensils and vessels, golden latches, and scales, among other items.

Roman Jewelry :: These six images of Roman Jewelry found in Pompeii feature bracelets, earrings, hairpins, and two necklaces.

Roman Coins :: This page shows us what six Roman Coins look like.

Punic Wars :: Rome, Caesar, Carthage, Spartacus, Hannibal, and elephants over the Alps are all part of the images of the Punic Wars.

General Hannibal :: Here are some more images of General Hannibal with a map of his route, the general crossing the Alps, and a view of ancient Utica.

Pictures of Julius Caesar :: Five different Pictures of Julius Caesar including two portraits, Caesar crossing the Rubicon, addressing his troops, and standing before the body of Alexander the Great.

Julius Caesar :: These pictures of Julius Caesar show his downfall: Marc Antony offering him the crown, Brutus and Cassius conspiring against him, Antony delivering his funeral oration, the murder of Cicero, and the suicide of Brutus.

Roman Emperors :: Here are five pictures of Roman Emperors including Nero, Titus, Hadrian, Elagabalus, and Probus.

Ancient Roman Emperors :: More images of Ancient Roman Emperors featuring Augustus, Claudius, and Domitian.

Roman Army :: This page of images of the Roman Army show her ships, and shields, and standard bearers.

Ancient Roman Army :: Four more pictures of the Ancient Roman Army.

Roman Soldiers :: Here we have five images Roman Soldiers in various states of battle.

Roman Soldier Costume :: Large detailed pictures of the helmets, shields, spears, and armor that made up the Roman Soldier Costume.

Roman Weapons :: The Roman Weapons shown on this page include arrows and quivers, shields, swords, and spears, as well as the Roman eagle.

Roman Gladiators :: On this page of Roman Gladiators you'll find a view of the Roman Coliseum as viewed from the Palatine, gladiators saluting the emperor before combat, gladiators wrangling, and gladiators fighting wild beasts.

Gladiators :: Another page of Gladiators including images of combat, injured and dying gladiators, and the horrific look on the face of a gladiator's wife.

Ancient Roman Clothing :: I have several pages of Ancient Roman Clothing. This one shows a woman being dressed in her home, and other images of men and women.

Roman Clothing :: This page of Roman Clothing shows two families with children, a young man and a woman.

Roman Clothes :: More picutres of Roman Clothes are here, with detailed images of soldiers, women, and noble men.

Roman Costumes :: If you need to make some Roman Costumes for your next toga party, this page of five images will give you lots of ideas-- for men and women.

Ancient Roman Fashion :: Need more examples of Ancient Roman Fashion? Here are five more pictures of beautifully draped men and women.

Ancient Roman Women :: These five images show Ancient Roman Women in various stages of beauty and distress.

Maps of Ancient Rome :: We end this latest set of images with five color Maps of Ancient Rome: a map of ancient Italy, a map of the Roman Empire, a map of Italy before the Roman Empire, a map of the Roman dominions, and one of the Mediterranean lands.

Roman Gods :: On this page of images of Roman Gods you'll find Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto and his wife, Mercury alone, and Io, Argus, and Mercury together.

Vestal Virgins :: Three pictures of the Vestal Virgins include a priestess of Vesta, Vestal services at the temple, and an engraving inside the school of the Vestal Virgins.

Roman Gods and Goddesses :: More Roman Gods and Goddesses with images of Artemis, Jupiter, Minerva, and two pictures of Psyche and Cupid.

Roman Mythology :: Six more images from Roman Mythology with pictures of Proserpine and Pluto, shipmakers building the Argo, Belleraphone and Pegaus, Nereids and Sea Beasts, Amphion and Zethus, and Narcissus gazing at his reflection.

Roman Myths :: These six images from Roman Myths feature Satyr and Maenad, the son of Niobe, Bacchus visiting a poet, Pelops and Hippodamia, a sphynx, and Phosphor, Aurora, and Helios rising up from the sea.

Ancient Roman Gods :: These images depict the following Ancient Roman Gods: Bacchus embracing Semele, Orpheus and Eurdice, Thisbe, Medea, and Atlas.

Roman Goddess Costume :: Here are many examples of the lovely flowing Roman Goddess Costume as shown on the Pleiades, in a Bacchic processsion, on the Danaids, and on the goddesses Cybele, Ariadne, and Minerva.

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