Roman Clothes

Roman Clothes

In this gallery you’ll come upon a collection of sixteen lovely images of Roman Clothes worn by Etruscan and Ancient Roman women. They come from the book The History of the Feminine Costume of the World by Paul Louis de Giafferi. It was published in 1926. There are colorful illustrations of togas, gowns, cloaks, dresses, and much more. You can find more detailed descriptions of each garment by clicking on a thumbnail image. Roman clothing varied depending on social class and occasion. The most common garment for both men and women was the tunic, a simple draped rectangle of cloth. Citizens of higher status wore a toga, a large woolen drape wrapped around the body. Women also wore a stola, a long dress, and a palla, a rectangular shawl. Wealthier Romans had their clothes made from wool, linen, or even silk, while poorer citizens wore clothes of rougher, less comfortable materials. If you are enjoying these examples of Roman Clothes, you can find more on the pages with more Roman Clothing. You might also like to take a peak at the gallery with designs of Jewelry from Ancient Rome. Have fun!



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