Maya Glyphs

Maya Glyphs

On this page are ten elaborate images of Maya Glyphs representing full-figure numerals, which are extremely rare. In fact, this set is one example of only about twenty-four known cases. They were found on the north side (rear) of Stela D at Copan. The details were drawn and partially restored from a plaster cast once located in the South Kensington Museum in England. The illustrations come from the British Museum Guide to the Maudslay Collection of Mayan Sculptures from Central America printed in 1923. It was not easy to find explanations for these symbols, but if you click on an individual image, you’ll find out a little bit about each one. I got some of my information from my book, but also from and An Introduction to the Study of the Maya Hieroglyphs by Sylvanus Griswod Morely, which you can find on

If you enjoy viewing these Maya Glyphs, you can find more in the galleries on the Mayan Zodiac and Mayan Gods. Have fun!



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