Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

On this page are two sets of Christmas Crafts for your amusement. The first set has a Christmas tree and decorations to place inside a Christmas garden. The second set has a bunch of bundled up people with sleds to ride down an imaginary mountainside.

For the Garden: Print all the Christmas garden items on card stock to make them nice and sturdy. Then, cut out all the items, leaving on the little tags and cutting open all the white slits. You may want to use an Exacto blade for that. Fold the garden on the dotted lines and place each numbered article in the garden slit having the same number. Stick the tabs of the tree trimmings through the white slits on the tree, placing the star at the top and the candles near the tips of the branches. Here’s what the finished garden should look like:

Christmas Crafts Finished Project

For the Jolly Sledders:
Print out the people and sleds on card stock to make them strong. Cut out the sleds and carefully and bend the runners down strait along the dotted lines. With an Exacto knife, cut slits where indicated on the seats of the sleds for the figures to fit into.

If you enjoy these Christmas Crafts, be sure to look at the galleries with more Christmas Crafts for Kids or perhaps some Christmas Paper Dolls. Have a Happy Holiday!