Vintage Paper Dolls

Vintage Paper Dolls

On this page is a delightful medley of Vintage Paper Dolls. There are three young girls and their very colorful outfits. They were originally printed in France in the early 1900’s. Click on an image you like and you will find a free PDF file that you can download and print.

TIPS: I suggest printing the paper dolls on card stock to make them nice and sturdy. I have added a base for the dolls that you can wrap into a circle behind the doll and glue or tape in place. This should allow them to stand on their own. Or you can just cut around the feet. The clothes can be printed on regular paper and cut out. Make sure to cut carefully around the tabs.

If you like these Vintage Paper Dolls, please take a look at the galleries with Paper Dolls with Clothes and Free Paper Doll Printables. Enjoy!



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