Symbols Of The Mayans

Symbols of the Mayans

In this gallery are twelve black and white images of Symbols of the Mayans. They represent Maya Period Signs, of which there were three forms for each sign: “Normal,” “Face,” and “Figure.” They come from the book Guide to the Maudslay Collection of Maya Sculptures put together by the British Museum and published in 1923. The guide explains that “Cycle” shown as a bird’s head, represented 144,000 days. “Katun” is also a bird’s head, but with a kind of fang projecting from the corner of its mouth. It represented 7,200 days. “Tun”, often shown as a grotesque human head with a skeleton jaw, represented 360 days. “Uinal,” with the head of a frog with a curled mouth stood for 20 days. And “Kin,” shown with the head of the Sun-God, sometimes with a tail attached, stood for a single day. If you find these Symbols of the Mayans interesting, be sure to visit the pages with Maya Hieroglyphs and other Mayan Symbols. Enjoy!



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