Symbols Of The Celts

Symbols of the Celts

On this page you’ll discover eighteen black and white illustrations of Symbols of the Celts. They are from the book Sculptured Stones of Scotland by John Stuart, published in 1867. Included are drawings of serpents, beasts, birds, and flowers. In the book, Mr. Stuart states that the symbols may be subdivided into objects of common use, such as the comb, mirror, and shears, and unfamiliar objects like the serpent, crescent, and the spectacle ornament. Grotesque and monstrous animals such as the serpent or the beast, he suggests, were merely ornamental. You can find out more about each symbol by clicking on an individual image. If you like viewing these Symbols of the Celts, be sure to visit the galleries with more Celtic Symbols from the same book, or perhaps some Creatures in Celtic Mythology. Enjoy!



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