Rulers Of Rome

Rulers of Rome

Below you will encounter twelve black and white images of some of the best-known Rulers of Rome. Included are drawings of Julius Caesar, Nero, Titus, and others. They are from a collection of The Twelve Caesars found in Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae published around the early 1500’s which were drawn by Marcantonio Raimondi. Ancient Rome’s system of rule shifted dramatically throughout its history. It began as a kingdom, ruled by kings. After a revolution, a republic emerged, led by elected officials like consuls and senators. This republic, however, eventually gave way to a powerful single ruler – the emperor. Emperors, like Augustus and Julius Caesar, held immense power and ushered in a period of vast expansion and cultural achievement. If you are finding this collection of Rulers of Rome helpful, you might also want to visit the galleries with other drawings of Roman Emperors and still more Ancient Roman Emperors. Enjoy!



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