Roman Soldiers Equipment

Roman Soldiers’ Equipment

On this page are twelve black and white images of different types of Roman Soldiers’ Equipment. They come primarily from the book The Costume of the Ancients by Thomas Pope, which was published in 1875. You’ll find examples of armour, standards, shields, helmets, and more. Ancient Roman soldiers relied on a combination of offensive and defensive weaponry. The iconic gladius, a short stabbing sword, was their weapon of choice in close combat. For ranged attacks, they hurled javelins called pila, designed to pierce enemy shields and disrupt formations. Legionaries also carried a large rectangular shield, the scutum, for protection. This combination of thrusting swords, disruptive javelins, and strong shields made Roman soldiers a formidable force on the battlefield. If you are enjoying these drawings of Roman Soldiers’ Equipment, you can find more about in the galleries featuring Roman Soldiers and the Roman Army Legion. Enjoy!



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