Henry Morgan

Henry Morgan

On this page are nine sepia-toned images of the infamous pirate Henry Morgan. Morgan was a Welsh buccaneer who lived in the 17th century. He is best known for his raids on Spanish settlements in the Caribbean, including the sack of Panama City in 1671. Morgan was a skilled military leader and a ruthless pirate, and he was feared by the Spanish. However, he was also a popular figure in England, where he was seen as a hero for his exploits against the Spanish.

Morgan eventually retired from piracy and became a wealthy landowner in Jamaica. He died in 1688, and is still remembered as one of the most famous pirates in history. The drawings are primarily from the 1903 book Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer by Cyrus Townsend Brady and illustrated by by J. N. Marchand and Will Crawford. If you find these images of Henry Morgan interesting, you should view the galleries with pictures of The Pirate Blackbeard and other Pirate Images. Enjoy!



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