Circus Animals

Circus Animals

On this page is a charming set of Circus Animals and human circus performers that you can cut out and assemble to create your own circus show. You’ll find lions, tigers, elephants, clowns and much more. They come from Ladies’ Home Journal magazines from the early 1900’s and were designed by C. Durand Chapman. Click on an image you like, and you will find a free PDF file that you can download and print.

You can use a shoebox turned upside down in order to stage your circus acts. Carefully cut slits into the bottom of the box for the figures to stand on. Print the circus animals and performers on card stock to make them nice and sturdy. Be sure to cut carefully around the figures and all the tabs. Then slip the tabs into the slits you’ve cut into the box. Also, you can cut slits into all the objects marked with dotted lines. Then you can stack the people, animals, and circus items in all kinds of fun combinations.

If you like these Circus Animals, you can find more sets in the galleries with Circus Clipart or Cut Outs. Have fun!



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