Ancient Roman Coins

Ancient Roman Coins

In this gallery are eighteen illustrations of various Ancient Roman Coins. They come from the book A Manual of Roman Antiquities written by William Ramsey in 1851. Roman coins, minted from the Republic through the Empire (roughly 3rd century B.C. to 5th century A.D.), were made from metals like gold, silver, and bronze. These coins, also referred to as “denarius,” featured not just denominations but also political messages. They often displayed the reigning emperor on one side and on the other, images of gods, victories in battle, or symbols of Roman authority and culture. You’ll also see a reference to “Gens” in the individual coin descriptions that can be found when you click on a thumbnail image. A gens was a kind of extended family structure that provided a sense of belonging and identity in Roman society. If you are finding these examples of Ancient Roman Coins helpful, you can find more on the page with other Roman Coins or maybe some Roman Clothing. Enjoy!



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