Drawing Of A Unicorn

Drawing of a Unicorn

If you are looking for a Drawing of a Unicorn, you’ll fine nine of them on this page. They come a variety of sources but primarily from the book Fictitious and Symbolic Creatures in Art, written by John Vinycomb in 1906. In his book, Mr. Vinycomb writes, “The unicorn is represented by heraldic usage as having the head and body of a horse, with the tail of a lion, and the limbs and hoofs of a stag; a twisted horn grows out from the centre of its forehead… The unicorn was a famous device all over Europe, and symbolised the virtue of the mind and the strength of the body.” The unicorns depicted here include ones from heraldry and legend. If you enjoy these unicorn drawings, you’ll probably also like the galleries featuring The Griffin, Chinese Dragons, and other Mythological Creatures. Have fun!



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