Easy Paper Crafts

Easy Paper Crafts

On this page you’ll discover some Easy Paper Crafts to have some fun with. We have a set of characters and furniture from Goldilocks and the Three Bears that can be printed and cut out to play with. There are, of course, the Mama, Papa, and wee Baby Bear. As well their house, bowls of porridge, and beds. There is also Goldilocks herself with a couple of cute outfits for her to wear. They come from a Ladies’ Home Journal magazine from the early 1900’s and were designed by Helen Pettes. Click on an image you like and you will find a free PDF file that you can download and print.

TIPS: You may want to print the figures and their accessories on card stock to make them nice and sturdy. I have added a base for the characters that you can wrap into a circle behind the them and glue or tape in place. This should allow them to stand on their own. Another thing you can do for some of the objects, is to paste a strip of thin cardboard or an old file folder at the back, slightly bent to form and easel, so that the objects can stand. Or you can just cut around the feet.

The clothes can be printed on regular paper and cut out. Make sure to cut carefully around the tabs. You’ll also see dotted lines on the hats. Use an Exacto blade to cut along the dots to fit the hats on the Goldilock’s head.

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