Cut Out Paper Dolls

Cut Out Paper Dolls

This gallery of Cut Out Paper Dolls holds the second part of a three part series titled “Lettie’s Sister’s Wedding.” Included are the Maid of Honor, the Best Man, the Minister, and the Bride’s Maids. Each one has an attractive selection of clothing to wear for the special occasion. These paper dolls come from Ladies’ Home Journal magazines printed in the early 1900’s and were designed by Sheila Young. Click on an image you like and you will find a free PDF file that you can download and print.

TIPS: You may want to print the dolls and their accessories on card stock to make them nice and sturdy. I have added a base for the dolls that you can wrap into a circle behind each doll and glue or tape in place. This should allow them to stand on their own.Another thing you can do for some of the objects, is to paste a strip of thin cardboard or an old file folder at the back, slightly bent to form an easel, so that the objects can stand. Or you can just cut around the feet.

The clothes can be printed on regular paper and cut out. Make sure to cut carefully around the tabs. You’ll also see dotted lines on the hats. Use an Exacto blade to cut along the dots to fit the hats on the dolls’ heads.

If you like this collection, you can find the rest of the series by visiting the pages with Printable Free Paper Dolls and Paper Doll Printables. Enjoy!



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