How to Make Colorful Wrinkled Paper

How to Make Colorful Wrinkled Paper

Wrinkled Paper

This technique is so fun and easy to do, and it can turn out beautifully. Try it with different types of paper.


  • F & W Acrylic Artists’ Ink or thinned acrylics or watercolors
  • sketch paper

Wrinkled Paper ~ Karen's Whimsy


  1. Take your paper and scrunch it up into a tight ball.
  2. Hold it under running water until it’s fairly wet. Squeeze it gently.
  3. Slowly and carefully open the paper up.
  4. Take a soft brush and make a wash of color across the page. I used purple and blue in the above example. The creases will soak up some of the ink and change color.
  5. Let dry.

You can use a warm iron to gently flatten the papers if you like.

By now I’m sure you’re aware of how much I like Ruth Issett’s books on color and creating designs¬†on paper and fabric. Here’s one of her titles that has lots of printing ideas in it. Print, Pattern & Color will get your creative juices flowing.