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Art Groups

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I have gathered a lot of information from several of the art groups listed below. But sadly, many that I once interacted with have fallen by the wayside. Still, there are plenty still around where I can go for help, inspiration, and support whenever the need arises. This list was checked and updated on 12/1/15. (The image above is by 5demayo from MorgueFile.)

  • Altered Books Group ~ Founded in 1999 and still going strong. A very interactive site with lots of help for beginning, as well as experienced altered book artists.
  • Canadian Bookbinders and Artists Guild ~ A group of professionals and amateurs from all branches of the book arts: bookbinders, calligraphers, paper makers, letterpress printers, paper marblers, and book artists, in addition to archivists and conservators.
  • The San Francisco Center for the Book ~ Cool workshops, exhibits, and lists of resources.
  • Book Arts Web ~ More resources and a mailing list for book arts enthusiasts.
  • The Art List ~ Monthly newsletter and searchable database listing upcoming art contests, art competitions, and opportunities for visual artists and photographers.
  • Altered Book Meet-Ups ~ Thirty-two groups in twenty-nine cities across three countries! Meet fellow artists in the genre of your choosing who live and play in your area.
  • DeviantArt Groups ~ An online social community for artists and art enthusiasts.
  • The Art Colony ~ Over fifteen different forums for discussing different types of art. Some groups are definitely more active than others.