Having vs Using

Having vs Using

Worried about Your Art Supplies Disappearing?

Do you ever find yourself afraid to use a scrap of pretty paper, or a luscious piece of ribbon because then you won’t have it to use anymore? I’ve found a way to talk myself out of my “afraid to use this because I may never find it again” mode.
I say to myself: It would be selfish of me to hide this beautiful paper (image, ribbon, bead) in my box (closet, drawer, cabinet) and not let the rest of the world, or at least my family, get a chance to see how beautiful it is.

I say to myself: Yes, I know that I may never find such an exquisite piece of paper (button, lace, fabric) again, but since there are so many exquisite things in the world, I’m sure something just as wonderful, or even better, will present itself to me one day.

I say to myself: If I use this, then it will be out of my drawer and on a piece of art and it will still be all mine if I so choose.

I say to myself: If this was so priceless and unique, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy it in the first place!

Talking to myself as I get ready to cut into something I love seems to help . . . most of the time.