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. . . the Japanese maple shed her leaves . . .


acrylic gloss medium, white tissue paper, olive green F&W acrylic inks, Japanese maple leaves

Lessons Learned:

1) I have to remember to open the spread really deep into the gutter. If I glue something across the page, and the center crease doesn't go as far down into the center as it can, then this has a negative impact on the way the other pages around it open and close.


During the summer I made the paper that covers these two pages. This is how I did it: I took a piece of tissue paper and placed it on a piece of freezer wrap. I covered it with a coat of gloss acrylic medium. Then I placed the Japanese maple leaves that I had picked from my tree earlier in the day, and placed them on top of the wet tissue. After that I took a second piece of tissue, laid it on the freezer paper next to the leaf covered sheet, and covered it with medium. I gently, oh so gently, lifted up the second wet sheet of tissue, flipped it over, and placed it on top of the other one. I smoothed both sheets together, making a tissue-leaf sandwich and let it dry.

I did the same thing with flower petals, but by the next day, all the pink petals had turned brown. I was afraid the same thing would happen with the maple leaves, but it didn't. They look at good today as they did when I plucked them from the tree.

I painted the book pages with a wash of acrylic inks. Next, I cut this decorated paper to the size of my book's double page spread, and using acrylic medium again, glued it to the pages.


I'm afraid the loveliness of this page doesn't really show through in the picture on this page. I have to say that I was really surprised with how well the leaf paper turned out. I didn't dry the leaves at all, and I didn't think they'd last; however, it's been several months now, so I'm hopeful that they'll stay fresh-looking.

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