How to Make Crayon Resist Paper

How to Make Crayon Resist Paper

Crayon Resist Paper

How long has it been since you reached for a crayon? I discovered this technique for decorating paper purely on accident, but I seem to remember making something similar to this crayon resist paper a long time ago when I was in elementary school. Fooling around with this background paper will bring out the kid in you. Buy a box of 96 colors and start creating!


      • F&W Acrylic Artists’ Ink
      • crayons
      • spray bottle filled with water
      • sketch paper

Crayon Resist Paper ~ Karen's Whimsy


      1. Use your crayons to draw designs on all over your paper.
      2. Use a brush or a sponge to paint over the paper with acrylic inks.
      3. While the paper is still wet, give it a spritz with the water bottle.
      4. Take your brush and wipe it across the paper again. The brush will lift off the ink where the water was sprayed creating light splotches across the paper.

You can find a lot of fun paper decorating techniques in Lynne Perrella’s fun book, Artists’ Journals and Sketchbooks: Exploring and Creating Personal Pages.