How to Make Bubble Wrap Art

How to Make Bubble Wrap Art

Bubble Wrap Art

You can create great textures by wadding up different things and then smooshing them in paint and pressing them onto your painted sketch paper. Try wadded-up masking tape, scrunched-up saran wrap, and balled-up bubble wrap for some interesting looks.


  • different colors of acrylic paints
  • saran or bubble wrap
  • good quality sketch paper

Bubble Wrap Art ~ Karen's Whimsy


  1. Paint your sketch paper in your choice of acrylic paint. Let dry.
  2. Take the bubble wrap or saran wrap and crumple it up into a loose ball.
  3. Pour a contrasting color of paint onto your paint palette. I use a cream cheese tub lid.
  4. Dip the bubble or saran wrap into the paint, and then pat it onto the painted sketch paper. Don’t use too much paint or the textured effect will get lost.
  5. Let dry.

You might want to pick up a copy of ArtEffects by Jean Drysdale Green. She shows you lots of ideas for experimenting with inks, watercolors, acrylics and more.