How to Make Background Sparkle Paper

How to Make Background Sparkle Paper

Background Sparkle

It’s hard to see on this scan, but this background sparkle paper turned out really gorgeous. It’s glittery white and shimmery silver. You can try this technique with lots of different color combinations. Remember to have fun!


  • Liquitex Glass Beads Texture Gel
  • Art Glittering System Ultra Fine Angel Dust glitter
  • Teeny Silver Glass Beads
  • Sulky metallic threads in silver and gray
  • Pearl acrylic paint
  • Silver PearlEx powder
  • sketch paper

Background Sparkle ~ Karen's Whimsy


  1. On a palette (I use a margarine lid) mix your pearl acrylic with the Glass Beads medium. Make it as chunky as you want. I made mine pretty chunky because I wanted a lot of texture.
  2. Spread the mixture over your sketch paper. Really glop it on.
  3. Into the paint/beads mixture, sprinkle the glitter, silver glass beads, and silver PearlEx. To apply the PearlEx, I dip my soft fluffy brush into the bottle and then tap the brush handle as I hold it over the paper.
  4. Take your metallic threads and let them drizzle off the spool into the medium. Gently press the threads down into the medium so that they adhere. I touched them down here and there, but also let the threads float above the surface in places.
  5. Let dry.

Hint: Because of the threads, this paper is not really tearable. You’re going to need scissors to cut it into pieces for your projects.

If you enjoyed making this sparkle paper, you might like some of the decorative paper arts in Paula Guhin’s book Creating Decorative Paper.