How to Create Salt Patterned Paper

How to Create Salt Patterned Paper

Salt Patterns

I had read about this method of creating salt patterned paper in several books and on the internet. I finally got it to look good this last time I tried it. The secret is to make sure the surface of the paper is really wet before tossing on the salt. The cool thing about this technique is you can never be sure exactly what will happen!


  • F & W Acrylic Artists’ Ink
  • coarse kosher salt
  • spray bottle filled with water
  • sketch paper

Salt Pattern ~ Karen's Whimsy


  1. Wet a brush (I used a foam brush for this part) and paint water all over your paper.
  2. Use a soft bristled brush or a foam brush and wash your ink across the paper.
  3. Sprinkle salt over the paper.
  4. Using your spray bottle, spritz water across the page. The force of the water spreads the ink out and creates the lighter puddles of color.
  5. Let dry, and brush off the salt crystals.

Sherrill Kahn’s book Mixed-Media Master Class has lots more ideas for dyeing paper and using salt. In addition, she walks you through many techniques for using textures and resists and creating interesting surfaces paper and fabric.