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During my exploration of the art of book altering, I got the idea for creating book sculptures that would become wall hangings. I wanted to be able to have books that felt alive, with parts of the book spilling out in an explosion of color and texture. I wanted paper to fly out the top, dangle down from the center, protrude from the sides. I knew this couldn't be accomplished with the altered books I had been creating. Pieces needed to hang free, unobstructed. I also wanted my altered books to hang from the wall as a way of being seen and valued in the way that paintings are. The result is the book sculptures you see below, labeled wall hangings so that people can more easily identify with them.

My process is a simple one: I select books whose titles inspire me to create something visually unique. I find my books at second hand stores and library book sales. I look at the title, and if an idea comes to mind, I'm off and running, interpreting the title without thinking about the text itself, unlike my other altered books where the text is often the source of artistic inspiration.

When a book is completed, I secure the back with a piece of flat molding, screwed into the covers. I attach picture framing wire so the books become sturdy wall hangings ready to decorate any empty wall. I hope you enjoy looking at these book sculptures as much as I enjoy creating them.

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Wall Hangings :: Wall Hangings Gallery

Wall Hangings :: Decorative Wall Hangings :: Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver threads brightly colored paper through glossy white pages to create a colorful book scupture. You do dream in color, don't you?

Wall Hangings :: Wall Sculpture :: For the Roses

Wall Hangings :: Wall Sculptures ::
	For the Roses

Highly textured and glossy lime green pages frame a garden of pink paper folded roses. Glossy green vines wrap around this wall hanging. For the Roses is the perfect piece of art for readers who love to garden.

Wall Hangings :: Paper Sculpture :: Land of My Heart

Wall Hangings :: Paper Sculpture ::
	Land of My Heart

For Land of My Heart I wanted to create a wall hanging that would feel as if I had peeled back the layers and found the heart of the book. Torn and dyed papers create a landscape that reminds me of the hills where I grew up in Marin County, California. Am I looking into the core of book, or am I looking through it?

Wall Hangings :: Paper Sculpture Art :: Saul and Patsy

Wall Hangings :: Paper Sculpture Art
	:: Saul and Patsy

Turquoise textured pages accordian out and spill over the edges of Saul and Patsy. Gold painted paper bands weave in and out of the folds in this unusual wall hanging.

Wall Hangings :: Paper Arts :: Rising to the Occasion

Wall Hangings :: Paper Arts
	:: Rising to the Occasion

This is one of my wall hangings whose concept came to me before I found the book. I wanted to create a book sculpture with paper rolls inset into niches. When I saw the red and blue cover, it started me thinking of a patriotic theme. When I turned the book to the center and saw the chapter headings, I knew that Rising to the Occasion fit my vision for the book perfectly.

Wall Hangings :: Handmade Paper Sculpture :: The Silent Angel

Handmade Paper Sculpture :: The 
	Silent Angel

As with Rising to the Occasion, this was another one of my wall hangings whose idea was in my mind before I found a book title to go along with it. The idea for folding the book pages back to form wings before this particular book came into my possession. There was not question that The Silent Angel was the perfect blending of text and form for one of my wall hangings.

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