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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 9, which describes the images for the following categories: Middle Ages, Mother's Day, Music, Native Americans, New Year's, and Paper Crafts.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 9

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Medieval Design :: Here are seven gorgeous Medieval Design images in color.

Medieval Pictures :: A nice selection of seven colorful Medieval Pictures of kings and queens and commoners can be found on this page.

Medieval Designs :: This page of Medieval Designs has seven intricate border pieces.

Medieval Decorations :: The Medieval Decorations on this page contain borders, ornaments, and interesting illuminated creatures.

Medieval Art :: Here are some amazing examples of Medieval Art with scenes of court, damsels, and a stained glass window.

Medieval Clipart :: Eight line-art images of Medieval Clipart of Europe including armor, castles, knights, fair maidens, and children.

Medieval Armor :: If you enjoy images of knights' armor, then this page of seven drawings of Medieval Armor is just for you.

Medieval Images :: On this page of Medieval Images are engraved effigies of a knight and a king, a seal, and knights carrying pennons.

Fashion in the Middle Ages :: On this page of Fashion in the Middle Ages you'll find nine decorative images of knights and maidens intertwined with leaves and vines.

Middle Ages Clothing :: It's time for three parades of Middle Ages Clothing with elaborate litters, flags, banners, and of course, clothing.

Medieval Clothing :: Royalty abounds, as do the peasants in this diverse selection of six images of Medieval Clothing.

Medieval Clothes :: Here are five amazingly detailed black and white images of the Medieval Clothes of various classes including knights, the working class, merchants, and nobles.

Medieval Costumes :: These images of Medieval Costumes display leisurely ladies, manly knights, kings, noblity, and musicians.

Medieval Fashion :: On this page or Medieval Fashion you'll find troubadors and minstrels, a noble man on horseback, a working class couple, and a man who may have strayed here from the Renaissance (judging by the poofy pantaloons.)

Medieval Women :: Two of these nicely dressed Medieval Women appear to be negotiating something with their husbands (I guess some things never change.) There are also two portraits, and one drawing of a woman reading to her children.

Medieval People :: Here is a potpourri of Medieval People including several images of children and more knights doing battle.

Medieval Age :: It's hard not to notice that during the Medieval Age there was a lot of looting and pillaging and attempts to defend one's honor. You'll find that and more on this page.

Medieval Life :: These five images portray the diversity of Medieval Life -- the work, the play, the feasting, and the murdering.

Medieval Castle Pictures :: Three engravings of Medieval Castle Pictures.

Castles in the Middle Ages :: Here are three more sprawling, fancy Castles from the Middle Ages.

Medieval Castles :: I can't even imagine how long it must have taken the poor laborers to create these amazing Medieval Castles of Europe.

King Arthur :: Here is an assortment of ten black and white images of King Arthur and other Knights of the Round Table.

Arthurian Legend Camelot :: This page has seven color images of scenes from the Arthurian Legend of Camelot.

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table :: Ever since I saw the movie Camelot, I have been a big fan of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Here are six images of them, with two by Arthur Rackham.

Knights of the Round Table :: Seven more images of the Knights of the Round Table along with two of their ladies.

Knights Templar :: The Knights Templar played a crucial role during the Crusades. Here you'll find five images of the men of the cross.

Knight Medieval :: See the elaborate armor worn by the Knight Medieval and a picture of a knighting ceremony.

Medieval Knight Costume :: I wonder how these men were able to fight while wearing these heavy Medieval Knight Costumes. No wonder they needed help getting dressed.

Crusades :: One of the defining events of the Middle Age in Europe has to be the Crusades. Here are five images that do a pretty good job of relating the mayhem that ensued.

Medieval Crusades :: The church did an admirable (?) job of stirring the religious passions of the knights and commoners during the Medieval Crusades. They even allowed several hundred children to participate, almost all of whom either died or were sold into slavery before ever reaching the Holy Land. Here are some more images including one of women praying for the crusaders and one of the children's crusade.

Medieval Weapons :: And where would our brave knights be without their Medieval Weapons? Here you'll find pictures of shields, daggars, swords, pikes, bludgeons, cross-bows, and more.

Medieval Knights :: Five detailed engravings of Medieval Knights including two on horseback and two kneeling on a tomb.

Pictures of Knights :: Five more Pictures of Knights with their shields and weapons and armor.

Medeival Knight Armor :: Medeival Knight Armor with images of helmets, a knight being dressed for battle, gloves, and a variety of spurs.

Medieval Knights Jousting :: Three images of Medieval Knights Jousting, and one of a knight being dressed for the tournament.

Knights Armor :: Five more images of Knights Armor with two knights on horseback and four more with swords and heraldry.

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Pictures of Mothers :: This page has an assortment of somewhat melancholy Pictures of Mothers with their children. There engravings of grieving families and unruly children.

Mother and Baby Pictures :: Here are six precious Mother and Baby Pictures--five in grayscale and one in color.

Mother's Day Graphics :: This page of Mother's Day Graphics has six engravings of mothers and their children.

Mothers Day Pics :: Here are some tinted Mothers Day Pics showing moms and their kids.

Mothers Day Images :: These lovely Mothers Day Images would be perfect on a card or Mother's Day collage.

Mothers Day Pictures :: This page has six more Mothers Day Pictures including a mom sitting in a big chair before a fire with a boy and girl in her lap.

Mothers Day Greetings :: Six colored cards you can print out to send Mothers Day Greetings to someone you love.

Printable Mothers Day Cards :: This page contains six more Printable Mothers Day Cards. They are PDF files that you can download, print, fold, and give Mom!

Mother's Day Clipart :: More Mother's Day Clipart which have charming pictures of mothers and children which you can use in your artwork any time of the year.

Mother's Day Cards :: Don't have time to run to the Hallmark store? Print out these charming Mother's Day Cards, write a personal note, and give them to mom.

Mothers Day :: Here are four more cards for Mothers Day. Use them as they are or cut and paste them into your own art work.

Mother Mary Pictures :: Six full color Mother Mary Pictures.

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Music Clipart :: On this page of Music Clipart, are six charming images of children and adults playing musical instruments such as the guitar, violin, and piano.

String Instruments :: These images of String Instruments include the violin, mandolin, bandurria, viola, contrabass, guitar, banjo, and harp.

Brass Instruments :: On this page of Brass Instruments there are drawings of a trumpet, bugle, coronet, trombone, saxophone, baritone, french horn, and a tuba.

Woodwinds :: On the Woodwinds page are a piccolo, flute, recorder, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, ocarina, and bagpipes.

Percussion Instruments :: The Percussion Instruments on this page include castenets, a metronome, (okay, so it's not technically an "instrument," but it keeps a beat!) tamborine, cymbals, snare drum, tom tom drum, timpani, and bass drum.

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Mound Builders :: Even before the Pueblo Indians, there were the Mound Builders. These images reveal floor plans of structures found around the Ohio Valley, as well as engravings ofvases and pottery.

Pueblo Indians :: On this page of images from the culture of the Pueblo Indians are pictures of a Zuni chief, a council fire, women making pottery, and pueblo ruins.

Pueblo Indian Houses :: These engravings of Pueblo Indian Houses reveal floorplans and various pueblo structures.

Indian Chiefs :: This page has six images of Indian Chiefs from the Dakota Sioux, Blackfeet, Crow, and Iroquois tribes.

Indian Tribes :: Here are six engravings of members of various Indian Tribes with examples of Blood, Minnetaree, Pawnee, Huron, Ojibwa, and Shosone tribe members.

Native Americans :: These images of Native Americans depict Algonquins in the Rocky Mountains, a buffalo chase of the Delawares, tribal dances, an view inside Indian council chambers, and an Algonquin medicine man.

Indian Artifacts :: Images of arms, utensils, instruments, a doll, shields, and weapons, make up this page of Indian Artifacts.

Native American Artifacts :: This page contains five more examples of Native American Artifacts including fire making equipment, currency, and Chippewa canoes.

Tipis :: Six different views of Tipis including ones by Massachusettes and Creek tribes.

Indian Symbols :: Six engravings of Indian Symbols are on this page with a pictures of Creek, Cherokee, and Tinneh writing, rock hieroglypics of the Algonquins, and designs on a buffalo robe.

American Indian Tribes :: This page of American Indian Tribes features people from the Mandans, Sioux, Digger, Mojave, and Apache tribes.

American Indians :: Here are six more images of American Indians with drawings of Mission, Yuma, Cheyenne, Arapahoes natives, an Indian burial place, and two drawings of medicine men.

Native American Indians :: Seven images of Native American Indians illustrate a burial ground, Osceola, the reception of Roger Williams, a ghost dance, a sketch from Fort Laramie, Chippewas, and Pocahontas, Powhatan, and Captain John Smith.

Native American Clipart :: Six more examples of Native American Clipart.

Native American Graphics :: Here are six more Native American Graphics.

Indian Graphics :: This page features five examples of Indian Graphics.

Indian Clipart :: On this page of Indian Clipart we see five illustrations, including three in color.

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New Year's Eve Clipart :: Looks like people used to send cards for the New Year like we send out Christmas cards. You'll find some fun and frilly New Year's Eve Clipart from five lovely vintage postcards.

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Paper Doll :: Margie Martin is a very unusual two-sided Paper Doll. Her front and back are attached at the head and are folded back and glued together. What I like about this vintage paper doll the most, is that she, and all her outfits, can be cut and colored by hand. Lots of fun!

Paper Doll Patterns :: These Paper Doll Patterns consist of four dresses for Margie Martin -- ready to cut and decorate.

Free Paper Doll Patterns :: Here are four more Free Paper Doll Patterns of outfits for little Margie Martin.

Christmas Paper Dolls :: You'll love these beautifully illustrated Christmas Paper Dolls. It's lovely young Betty Bonnet, her little sister, and a pretty doll waiting to get dressed up for the holidays.

Christmas Craft Patterns :: If you're looking for some Christmas Craft Patterns to keep the youngsters (or yourself) busy over the holidays, here are three lovely outfits for Betty and a bride doll for her to play with.

Free Printable Paper Dolls. :: This page goes along with Free Printable Paper Dolls of Betty Bonnet. You'll find four more charming outfits and a Christmas candle just for Betty.

Paper Dolls. :: This is the first of two sets of wonderful vintage Paper Dolls printed in France by Poupees a Habiller. The colors of the outfits are wonderfully rich and the detail is exquisite.

Printable Paper Dolls. :: Here is the second set of Poupees a Habiller Printable Paper Dolls from France. Four outfits and four charming hats for the young lady.

Free Paper Dolls to Print-Out. :: These Free Paper Dolls to Print-Out are very small. They were called Penny Dolls because they were printed on a single sheet of paper and sold for a penny. The quality of the printing was not that great, but I've cleaned them up quite a bit to enhance their charm. This page has a doll and several dress-up outfits from fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood and Bo Peep.

Free Paper Dolls to Print-Out. :: Here's another set of Free Paper Dolls from the sheet of paper toys for a penny. Contains a doll and five outfits.

Craft Idea. :: From a 1913 edition of Ladies Home Journal comes a really fun Craft Idea: a "Cut-Out Circus for the Children" complete with circus entertainers, polar bears, giraffe, and more! You'll find the assembly directions on this page, too.

Circus Animals. :: Lions and tigers and bears -- oh my! Here's a second page of Circus Animals for the cut-out paper circus.

Circus Clipart. :: These Circus Clipart images complete the cut-out paper circus. There's an unhappy looking rhino, a tortoise driven by a dog, Miss America, and daring horseback riders, among other things.

Christmas Craft Ideas . :: If you're looking for some Christmas Craft Ideas, you might enjoy constructing this miniature Christmas Garden. There are two pages for this project. On this page you'll find the Christmas Tree, garden fence, and garden accessories.

Christmas Crafts. :: Here's the second page of Christmas Crafts for making an adorable Christmas Garden. This page contains the decorations for the tree along with toys for underneath the tree and suggested assembly directions.

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