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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 8, which describes the images for the following categories: Insects, Joan of Arc, Lettering, Abraham Lincoln, Literary Images, and Mesopotamia.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 8

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Insects :: Among these Insects you'll find a dragonfly, a striped beetle, a little bug, a house fly, two butterflies, and two moths.

Pictures of Insects :: Eight additional Pictures of Insects including a lady bug, a bee, and a hornet, a praying mantis, a cicada, a beetle, and a termite.

Wasps :: Here are five black and white line art drawings of Wasps and their habitats.

Bee Clipart :: And who can resist Bee Clipart, especially when it includes bees in their hives and sipping the nectar from flowers.

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Joan of Arc :: You'll find seven drawings of Joan of Arc on this page.

Saint Joan of Arc :: Seven more images of Saint Joan of Arc can be found here, including Joan's entry in Orleans and the capture of Tourelles.

Life of Joan of Arc :: Here you'll discover more images from the Life of Joan of Arc with two illustrations of her execution and one of the coronation of the French king at Rheims, as well as others.

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Illuminated Letters :: On this page are the beautiful Illuminated Letters of A - H.

Decorative Letters :: Here you'll find the the colorful Decorative Letters I - 0 with two versions of N.

Calligraphic Lettering :: This page of Calligraphic Lettering has find swirly, leafy images of P - X.

Illuminated Lettering :: Y, Z, another X and some more fantastic Illuminated Lettering can be found on this page.

Letters :: On this page are twenty-six beautifully ornamented Letters.

Lettering Styles :: Here you'll find eight different Lettering Styles for the letters A through H.

Alphabet in Different Lettering Styles :: This page of decorated letters of the Alphabet in Different Lettering Styles includes the letters I through P.

Lettering :: On this page of Lettering are images of the letters Q through Z.

Letter Art :: Here is an assortment of Letter Art with two A's, three B's, two C's, and one D.

Letters of the Alphabet :: Eight highly elaborate examples of the letter D are on this page of Letters of the Alphabet.

Printable Letters :: You'll find eight diverse images of Printable Letters including one D, two E's, two F's, and three G's.

Printable Alphabets :: The Printable Alphabets on this page include the letters H, K, two M's, and N, and three sumptious S's.

Creative Lettering Styles :: This page of Creative Lettering Styles has an incredibly ornate Celtic T, among the other letters: one more T, two V's and four W's.

Printable Alphabet Letters :: Here you'll discover a complete set of Printable Alphabet Letters in the simple Roman style but accented with delicate olive branches.

Fancy Cursive Letters :: On this page of Fancy Cursive Letters are the letters A through Z in adorned curviness.

Fancy Writing :: Ten pages of Fancy Writing found in Ladies Home Journal and originally intended to be used for embroidery.

Fancy Letters of the Alphabet :: Another complete set of Fancy Letters of the Alphabet, this time from a 1868 copy of Peterson's Magazine.

Free Fancy Letters of the Alphabet :: On this page of Free Fancy Letters of the Alphabet you'll find all the letters from A to Z, each one uniquely different from the other.

Fancy Alphabet Letters :: Another complete set of Fancy Alphabet Letters in an ornamental French style.

Fancy Lettering :: A lovely decorated set of Gothic initials make up this page of Fancy Lettering from A to Z.

Fancy Letters :: This selection of ten images of Fancy Letters are described as German text ornamented.

Gothic Lettering :: On this page are seven separate sets of Gothic Lettering including German gothic capitals and lower case letters.

Gothic Alphabet :: Seven more images of various Gothic Alphabets including a Durer sets from the 16th century, German gothic, and unical.

Gothic Letters A-Z :: Six more sets of Gothic Letters A-Z are on this page, which includes unical initials, and Italian gothic letters from the 16th century.

Old English Alphabet :: Here's a clean, simple, but ornamented Old English Alphabet with a complete set of letters.

Old English Alphabet A-Z :: This complete set of the Old English Alphabet A-Z has lovely leafy flourishes.

Old English Calligraphy Alphabet :: You're going to love the delicate details in this Old English Calligraphy Alphabet.

Old English Lettering :: On this page of Old English Lettering you'll find a simple, thickly stroked set of letters.

Old English Letters :: Another set of Old English Letters has a mixture of unique upper and lower case initials.

Old English Style Letters :: One of my favorite sets, these Old English Style Letters contains all the letters of the alphabet surrounded by delicate filligree decoration.

Letters in Old English :: One final page of Letters in Old English contains all the letters in a heavy, darkly ornamented style.

Calligraphy Alphabets :: I love the lean, modern look of this Calligraphy Alphabet set.

Free Calligraphy Alphabets :: Lots of loopy, curvy goodness on this page of Free Calligraphy Alphabets.

Free Calligraphy Printable Alphabets :: Each one of the letters in this page of Free Calligraphy Printable Alphabet letters is set in its own unique decorative background.

Calligraphy :: Here's an amazing set of animals drawn using common Calligraphy pen strokes. You'll find birds in a nest, an eagle with a snake, a swan, a lion, a deer, a horse, and a horseshoe with doves.

Bubble Letters :: This page contains a set of fat, fun Bubble Letters.

Alphabet Bubble Letters :: You'll find a sleeker set of lower case Alphabet Bubble Letters on this page.

Printable Bubble Letters :: We end our selection with a set of outlined Printable Bubble Letters perfect for printing out and coloring in.

Ancient Alphabet :: Great images of Ancient Alphabets from Greece, Egypt, the Goths, Syria, Phoenicia, Coptics, Mayans and more.

Cuneiform :: This page features three examples of Cuneiform.

Cuneiform Writing :: On this page of Cuneiform Writing we see four examples as shown on tablets and stone.

Alphabet :: Twelve modern Alphabet images including cursive letters, sign language, Gothic lettering, and pictorial, Braille, Morse, and German alphabets

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln :: On this page are three portraits of Abraham Lincoln, two engravings depicting Lincoln's assassination, and one of Lincoln's tomb.

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Little Women Characters :: Eight illustrations from a 1915 edition of Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott. These Little Women Characters were illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith.

Mythology Art :: These six examples of Mythology Art include paintings by Botticelli, Velazquez, and Titian.

Mythology Stories :: This page has six full-color illustrations of Mythology Stories such as "The Chimera," "The Gorgon's Head," and "The Paradise of Children," among others.

Mythology Pictures :: Here are six more Mythology Pictures including drawings of Orpheus, Odin, Loki, and Idun from "The Golden Apples of Idun."

Cantuerbury Tales :: This collection of images from the Cantuerbury Tales depicts Hubert the Friar, the Wife of Bath, the Miller, Emelie from "The Knight's Tale" and two more lovely pictures.

Canterbury Tales Characters :: Another page of Canterbury Tales Characters gives us the Pardoner, Griselda from "The Clerk's Tale", the Squire and Canacee from "The Squire's Tale," the Wife of Bath and the Prioress, as well as a pilgrim's view of Canterbury.

Edgar Allan Poe :: Here you'll find images of men and women in illustrations for the poems "Al Aaraaf" and "The River" by Edgar Allan Poe.

Poe Poems :: This page of images for Poe Poems includes six gorgeous images of women for the poems "To-- Mrs. Marie Louise Shew," "To Helen," and "Bridal Ballad."

Poe Poetry :: On this page of artwork for Poe Poetry are four images for the poem "Tamerlane," and one incredible angel image for the poem "Israfel."

Edgar Allan Poe Pictures :: Here are two Edgar Allan Poe Pictures of the artist and four illustrations by Dulac for "Dreamland" and "Fairy-Land." I know you're especially going to love the dreamy moonlit fairy castle.

Edmunc Dulac :: Here is some more art work by Edmunc Dulac-- two for the poem "Annabel" and four for the "melancholy menace" of "The Bells."

Dulac :: Four images of women from the poems "Silence" and "To One in Paradise" and two drawings of a Poe look-alike for "The Raven" are on this page of illustrations by Dulac.

Dulac Illustrations :: On this page of seven Dulac Illustrations you'll find six drawings of women for the poems "To Helen," "Lenore," and "The Sleeper," and one painting for "The City in the Sea."

Dulac Art :: If it's creepiness you're after, look no further than this page of Dulac Art. Images from "The Conqueror Worm," "The Valley of Unrest," "Eldorado," "Ulalume," and "The Haunted Palace" demonstrate Dulac's ability to bring out the darkest side of Mr. Poe.

Grimms' Fairy Tales :: A nice selection of five colorful drawings by Noel Pocock for Grimms' Fairy Tales such as "Rumpelstiltskin," "The Golden Bird," and "The Twelve Dancing Princesses."

Classic Fairy Tales :: Images from Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and The Three Bears in gorgeous color are on this page of illustrations from Classic Fairy Tales.

Famous Fairy Tales :: More colorful images from Famous Fairy Tales include Jack and the Beanstalk, Puss in Boots, Tom Thumb, Aladdin, Ali Baba, and The Wild S

Fairy Tale Pictures :: This page of five Fairy Tale Pictures illuswans.trate more of Grimms' stories like "The Grateful Beasts," "Snow Drop," and "The King of the Golden Mountain."

Fairy Tale Illustrations :: These color Fairy Tale Illustrations show scenes from "The Golden Goose, "Faithful John," and "Roland and May-Bird."

Fairy Tale Drawings :: This unique collection of Fairy Tale Drawings is by Charles Buckles Falls. They have a colorful art deco-ish style. They are from the The book The The Wild Flower Fairy Book by Esther Singleton.

Fairy Tale Images :: Here are eight more Fairy Tale Images from The Wild Flower Fairy Book, published in 1905, illustrating some familiar, and not-so-familiar, fairy tales from around the world.

Folktales :: This page of color illustrations from Folktales feature some less familiar titles: Graciosa and Piercinet, The Yellow Dwarf, The Flying Trunk, Jack the Giant Killer, The False Bride, and The Fair One with the Golden Hair.

Robin Hood Legend :: This collection of pictures from the Robin Hood Legend show Robin Hood at a tavern on his way to Nottingham, his first meeting with Little John, and his encounter with Guy of Gisborne in the forest.

Robin Hood Pictures :: Another page of Robin Hood Pictures gives us scenes with Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck, and the Bishop of Hereford.

Robin Hood Images :: On this page of Robin Hood Images you'll find Robin with his band of Merry Men, the knight of Wierysdale returning home, Robin Hood in disguise, and Sir Richard with his wife on a hunt.

The Water Babies :: Gorgeous illustrations of The Water Babies done by Mabel Lucie Attwell. Among them are scenes with Tom and the fairies and a dragonfly.

Kingsley Water Babies :: On this page are six more examples of Kingsley Water Babies showing Tom's escape, Tom with an otter, and Tom in the Isle of Tomtoddies.

Arabian Nights :: Six gorgeous full color plates of pictures from the Arabian Nights. You'll find a fisherman, Aladdin, the Enchanted Horse, along with beautiful maidens and vizirs.

Mother Goose Pictures :: Six different Mother Goose Pictures can be found on this page.

Mother Goose Drawings :: This collection of Mother Goose Drawings come from a 1915 copy of the rhymes compiled by Eulalie Osgood Grover in 1915. The lovely watercolors were painted by Frederick Richardson.

Mother Goose Illustrations :: This second page of Mother Goose Illustrations has eight more drawings by Mr. Richardson.

Old Nursery Rhymes :: Here are seven illustrations of Old Nursery Rhymes including Jack and Jill, Little Bo Peep, and Hush a Bye Baby.

Mother Goose Clip Art :: A book of nursery rhymes set to music from 1872 is the sourse of these beautiful images of Mother Goose Clip Art, including pictures for Six Little Snails, Sing a Song of Sixpence, Little Tommy Tucker, When the Snow is on the Ground, Georgie Porgie, and Hey Diddle Diddle.

Nursery Rhyme Pictures :: More Nursery Rhyme Pictures with sheet music of Little Jack Horner, Jack and Jill, Pussy Cat, and Simple Simon.

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Mesopotamia :: The following pages from Mesopotamia folds in miscellaneous images from the region. Here you'll find a map, a scene of a date palm of the lower Euphrates, the Ur of Chaldees, a scene from the country of Shem, and the the tomb of Esdras.

Ancient Mesopotamia :: Building the temple of Warka, storming the town of Canaan, a canal at Bassorah, a palm grove on Chaldea, Chaldee nobles, and an Aramiaic sculpture from the palace of Sardanapolus can be found on this page of images from Ancient Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia Civilization :: And finally we have an ornament, glazed coffins from Warka, the procession of Bel, an image of Nebo, a drawing of Nana, the astarte, and ancient sundials to round out our set of images representing Mesopotamia Civilization.

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