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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 6, which describes the images for the following categories: Fairies, Flowers, Plants, and Trees, Freemasons, and Food.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 6

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Fairylands :: This is the first of two sets of images showing the Fairylands where the Wind Gatherers and the Snow Makers work and live.

Fairy World :: This page shows us the Fairy World of the Leaf Makers, the Cloud Makers, and the Rain Makers.

Gnome Pictures :: Here you'll see a cute assortment of adorable Gnome Pictures showing scens of gnomes organizing and giving a party in Fairyland.

Pictures of Fairies :: Three cute Pictures of Fairies.

Fairies :: Five more images of Fairies including adorable little butterfly fairies.

Fantasy Fairies :: These Fantasy Fairies are from an old children's magazine.

Faeries :: You'll find five silhouettes of Faeries on this page.

Fairy Wings :: Five lovely sets of Fairy Wings to use in your artwork.

Fairy Pictures :: These six Fairy Pictures show delicate fairies perched upon a rose, a mushroom, and other assorted flora.

Fairy Art :: This page of Fairy Art has six delicately watercolored images of fairies frolicking around. Includes several cute baby fairies.

Fairies in Art :: Another page of Fairies in Art has six more color images of little fairies flitting about, painting flower blossoms, and primping in front of a mirror.

Fairies Illustrations :: A fairy riding on a snail, a couple flying in front of a sliver of moon, a fairy parade, and a fairy dance are included in these black and white Fairies Illustrations.

Flower Fairies :: These gorgeous Flower Fairies definitely have a reason to be vain. They're all dressed up in shades of pink, green, lavender, and gold.

Fairy Princess :: If you're looking for a lovely Fairy Princess to guide you, these charming black and white designs of fairies can lead you on your way.

Fairy :: The title may just say "Fairy," but there are six beauties on this page -- colorful fairies swimming with mermaids, dancing with leprechauns, and so much more.

Fairy Pics :: These Fairy Pics present six little darlings in black and white, with one unusual fairy whose wings are made from an inside-out umbrella!

Fairy Drawings :: You're not going to be able to resist these Fairy Drawings of chubby little fairies and their friends.

Free Fairy Graphics :: There are some mischievous looking fairies in this set of Free Fairy Graphics. Two little boy fairies definitely looking like they're trying to find some trouble to get into.

Fairy Clipart :: This next page of Fairy Clipart includes two little fairies examining a honey pot, and a girl fairy reading a book.

Beautiful Fairies :: Beautiful Fairies doesn't really describe these amazing color images of fairies from throughout the seasons and holidays. My favorite is of a happy-go-lucky fairy girl surrounded by a sky full of red hearts.

Free Fairy Art :: Here's a set of wonderful Free Fairy Art. Little fairy folk with butterfly wings in shades of blue, brown, purple, and yellow.

Pixie Fairy :: Similar to the previous bunch, these Pixie Fairies are a little younger and tinier than their brothers and sisters. A bundle of joy with butterfly wings.

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Free Flower Clip Art :: Find a pansy, a rose, a carnation, and a hydrangea on the free flower clip art page.

Free Flower Clipart :: More lovely line drawings at free flower clipart. How about a water-lily, lilac, geranium, and perriwinkle?

Flower Clipart :: Here are eight color images of Flower Clipart with pictures of a carnation, a geranium, sweet pea, daisies, two more flowers and two sets of tree leaves.

Flower Pictures :: For these Flower Pictures I scanned images from an old hymnal. You'll find some lovely blue and white flowers, lilac sprigs, red tulips, and red and pink gladiolas.

Flower Images :: These Flower Images include daisies, daffodils, lily of the valley, and daylilies.

Drawings of Flowers :: On this page you'll find Drawings of Flowers such as purple iris, iceland poppies, and more.

Floral Clipart :: Five large chromoliths of flowers taken from an antique book of German scripture. Flowering ivy, carnations, roses, violets, and tiny blue flowers can be found in this Floral Clipart page.

Floral Pictures :: Five more beautiful Floral Pictures including geraniums, iceland poppies, lily of the valley, and bouquets of tiny yellow and blue flowers.

Flower Parts :: These wonderful images of Flower Parts are from two old botany books. Who knew flowers could look so sexy?

Wildflowers :: It's rare to find color photographs from before 1923, but here we have four beautiful images of Wildflowers including a Ragged Robin, a Field Scabious, a Marsh Marigold, and a Woody Nightshade.

Wildflower Pictures :: This page of Wildflower Pictures features four more color photographs of Early Purple Orchis, Cowslip, Wild Hyacinth, and Wallflowers.

White Flowers :: Six White Flowers: amaryllis, calla, arrow-head, wild leek, painted trillium, and water lily.

Pink Flowers :: Six Pink Flowers: sweetbrier rose, milkwort, wild geranium, pogonia, purple-fringed orchids, and pink lady's slipper.

Yellow Flowers :: Six Yellow Flowers: partridge pea, downy yellow, violet, yellow lady's slipper, marsh marigold, wild indigo, and the compass plant.

Blue Flowers :: Six Blue Flowers: blue-eyed grass, downy gentian, forget-me-not, monkey flower, bird foot violet, and fringed gentian.

Red Flowers :: Six Red Flowers: cardinal flower, wild orange-red lily, steeplebrush, wild columbine, bee balm, and Indian paintbrush.

Orchids :: On this page you'll find six colorful images of various types of Orchids.

Water Lilies :: Here you'll find six drawings of Water Lilies, all in color.

Spring Flowers :: On this page of Spring Flowers you'll find pink and yellow roses, blue and white flowers, lilacs and geraniums, and birds fluttering about.

Pictures of Flowers :: These Pictures of Flowers contain pink daisies, purple and white pansies, a lovely pink rose, yellow daffodils and more pink flowers.

Pretty Flowers :: You'll love all these Pretty Flowers: violets, a basket of heart-shaped flowers, an iceland poppy, a cute little maid holding a bunch of daisies, a girl holding a basket of purple pansies, and a little angel in a bouquet of purple flowers.

Flower Graphics :: This page of Flower Graphics contains an image of a child holding a bunch of giant pansies, a branch of pink blossoms, red and pink carnations, white lilies, and other pink, purple, and orange flowers.

Floral Design :: A variety of Floral Designs await you on this page. There are pink roses tied up with a blue ribbon, pink and burgandy chrysanthemums, pink and red rose vines climbing a white ladder, rust and yellow pansies, pink and red carnations, and a blue flower on a white and gold design.

Flower Drawings :: Pink roses, pink carnations with little blue flowers, red roses with birds singing, pink flowers around a countryside vignette, and more pink and blue flowers are on this page of Flower Drawings.

Floral Arrangements :: Six different Floral Arrangements include a heart-shaped design of birds with a basket of pink daisies, a hanging basket of pink daisies tied up with yellow ribbons, a bowl of pansies, birds pulling a basket of pink and red flowers, a hanging basket of pink roses, and a delightful bouquet of daffodils, roses, and little blue flowers.

Flower Arrangements :: A white flower basket filled with red roses, a cluster of pink roses with lily of the valley, a bouquet of daisies, morning glories, and pansies, a little angel in a bouquet of pink roses, pink and red roses with lily of the valley and ferns in a basket with a dove, and a hand full of yellow and purple crocuses complete this group of beautiful Flower Arrangements .

Birthday Flowers :: Here are six images of Birthday Flowers consisting of a variety of wonderful flowers surrounding birthday greetings.

Tulips :: If you love Tulips you'll love this assortment of tulips in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Daisies :: And here's a page full of wonderful Daisies.

Purple Flowers :: Who wouldn't be enamored with the violets, lilacs, pansies and other Purple Flowers to be found on this page?

Free Spring Clipart :: Ten black and white scans of Free Spring Clipart of beautifully drawn flower images.

Spring Clipart :: Here are nine more Spring Clipart images of flowers from a very old botany textbook.

Mushrooms :: You're going to love this colorful assortment of Mushrooms. Nine varieties that look like they belong in Fairy Land.

Honeysuckle :: Line drawings of four different types of Honeysuckle -- trumpet, Italian, yellow, and woodbine.

Jasmine :: Curl flowered, common yellow, single Arabian, and double Tuscan Jasmine can be found on this page.

Sunflowers :: Ten drawings of members of the Sunflower family including dahlias, thistles, chrsanthemums, and even a sunflower.

Cactus :: Who knew Cactus could be so pretty? Here you'll find the melon cactus, gooseberry cactus, the winged cactus, and even the prickly pear, among others.

Drawings of Roses :: Nine different species. These Drawings of Roses include some I didn't know were part of the rose family. Such lovely names . . . wild pine strawberry, cinnamon rose, queen of the meadow, and more.

Rose Pictures :: More Rose Pictures, but this time in color. These roses have been scanned from Victorian scrap and have a lovely vintage shabbiness.

Ferns :: Here you'll find four varieties of Ferns as well as liverwort and moss.

Grapes :: By special request, here are six black and white images of Grapes.

Grape Vines :: These Grape Vines are the colorful versions of the black and white images shown above.

Pictures of Trees :: These Pictures of Trees are from a nice set of postcards and feature the trees in nature settings with close-up images of their leaves, flowers, and fruit.

Tree Clipart :: More images of Tree Clipart with pictures of an elm, oak, silver birch and more.

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Free Food Clipart :: The first of three pages of Free Food Clipart gives us black and white images of a beer bottle, a can of Ghiradelli chocolate, and various children and adults eating.

Food Clipart :: Six colorful food advertisements make up this page of Food Clipart, including an image of raisins that look like lima beans, sugar, and Post Toasties ads.

Cooking Clipart :: This page of Cooking Clipart features eight smaller black and white drawings of men, women, and children preparing or serving food. And quite a few of them are wearng those poofy white chef hats.

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Freemasons :: This page has scans of five grayscale plates of imagery and symbols associated with the Freemasons.

Freemasonry :: This page focuses on six pieces of artwork relating to Freemasonry.

Masons :: These images of Masons have pictures of four masons (including --gasp-- a woman), and two pictures of mason marks.

Masonic Ritual :: Here you'll find ten images associated with Masonic Ritual, including squares, compasses, Dermott's royal arch, an altar, substitute ark, and a lodge room floor plan.

Masonic Emblems :: This page contains eight Masonic Emblems from various time periods and locations.

Masonic Temples :: Six different Masonic Temples including ones in New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Duluth, Denver, and Boston are on this page.

Masonic Home :: Two Masonic Home images can be found here -- a photograph and a drawing.

Masonic Jewelry :: This page of Masonic Jewelry shows the jewels, or badges, worn by masons including images of the royal arch jewel, the royal jewel of the Ark Mariner, jewel of the Rose Croix, and the jewel of the prince of Jerusalem.

Masonic Symbols :: Here are eight more Masonic Symbols with engravings of the square and compasses, a double-headed eagle, the teutonic cross, an all seeing eye, the unveling queen of heaven, and a pentagram.

Masonic Clip Art :: Six images of Masonic Clip Art provide images of the arms of the Grand Lodge of England, a gnostic talisman, Abraxas, Vishnu in the 2nd avatar, and Succoth Benoth.

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