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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 4, which describes the images for the following categories: Civil War, Coloring Pages, and Creatures, like dragons and unicorns.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 4

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Civil War :: Coloring Pages :: Creatures


Civil War Generals :: The Civil War Generals on this page include George McClellan, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Ambrose Burnside, Joseph Hooker, James B. McPherson, Philip Sheridan, and William T. Sherman. reveal floorplans and various pueblo structures.

Civil War Uniforms :: Here are four color plates of Federal and Confederate Civil War Uniforms.

Civil War Battles :: The Civil War Battles shown on this page are of Fort Donelson, the battle of Malvern Hill, Antietam, the battle of Lookout Mountain, the attack on Fort Sumter, and the capitualation of Vicksburg.

Civil War Battlefields :: More Civil War Battlefields including the battles of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Spottsylvania. There are also two engravings of Lee's surrender.

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Kids Coloring Printables :: On this page of Kids Coloring Printables are six scenes of princesses, paupers, and more.

Kids Printable Coloring Pages :: A sultan meets a soldier, a Native American stalks a deer, and a girl feeds a squirrel in the snowy woods all on this page of Kids Printable Coloring Pages.

Printable Coloring Pages for Kids :: Here is an assortment Printable Coloring Pages for Kids featuring a girl in a garden, Zeus in the heavens, a commoner and king, and a quiet family meal.

Printable Coloring Sheets :: On this page of Printable Coloring Sheets are Egyptians, a damsel in a garden, a fairy conversing with a horse, and a sleigh ride through the snow.

Coloring Sheets for Kids :: Here is an assortment of six Coloring Sheets for Kids with the Bremen musicians, Hansel and Gretal, a flying man, and a bird in a pot of geraniums.

Coloring Sheets :: This page has more Coloring Sheets with lots of princesses, castles, ships, and horses.

Free Kids Coloring Sheets :: You'll find six more examples of Free Kids Coloring Sheets on this page with images of a giant, a girl playing with a doll, a chariot being ridden across the sky, a clown, and a girl with a bird.

Coloring Pictures :: The grasshopper and the ant, a not-so-itsy-bitsy spider, and a ship in a storm are among the Coloring Pictures available on this page.

Coloring for Kids :: Here you'll discover more Coloring for Kids with illustrations of young ladies encountering various animals and a depiction of a cow jumping over the moon while a dish runs away with a spoon.

Coloring Printables :: An image from Gulliver's Travels, are among the pictures on this page of Coloring Printables.

Drawing Pages :: Lots of girls in pretty bonnets, a kitchen mouse and more can be found on these Drawing Pages.

Coloring Fun :: You'll have more Coloring Fun with these pictures of King Arthur, the Pied Piper of Hamlin, Paul Revere, and others.

Children's Coloring Pages :: On these Children's Coloring Pages you'll find six drawings of children on amazing adventures.

Print Coloring Pages :: Here you'll you'll be able to Print Coloring Pages of children playing games and just being together.

Fun Coloring Pages :: This page of Fun Coloring Pages has five drawings of Lorraine traipsing through the countryside with lots of little summer folks.

Coloring Pages for Children :: This page of Coloring Pages for Children contains images of a tiny girl riding on a water lily, two children in a rooftop garden, an American Indian in his canoe, and Rumplestiltskin trying to make a deal.

Free Kids Coloring Pages :: Six more pages of Free Kids Coloring Pages are on this page with people associated with cats, sheep, a camel and a pig, an elephant, and a drawing of Alice at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party thrown in for good measure.

Free Coloring Pages of Angels :: On this page you'll find five lovely Free Coloring Pages of Angels.

Bible Coloring Sheets :: This page has six Bible Coloring Sheets with pictures of Daniel, the Wise Men, and Mary in the Manger, among others.

Bible Stories Coloring Pages :: This page of Bible Stories Coloring Pages contains six pictures of Jesus in various stages of his life.

People Coloring Pages :: More images of children frolicking and some pirates in a boat are on these People Coloring Pages.

House Coloring Pages :: Here's a set of old-fashioned House Coloring Pages from an antique coloring book.

Duck Coloring Pages :: Six cute little Duck Coloring Pages can be found here, although in all honesty, a goose or two might have gotten in here too.

Kitten Coloring Pages :: Kittens and cats boxing, dressed-up, playing with mice and birds, can be found on this page of Kitten Coloring Pages.

Free Coloring Pages of Dragons :: Here are six Free Coloring Pages of Dragons in several fantastic forms.

Free Coloring Pages of Fairies :: On this page are six charming Free Coloring Pages of Fairies.

Love Coloring Pages :: We end this set with six romantic Love Coloring Pages.

Flower Coloring Pages :: Roses, sunflowers, and other lovely flora can be found on these Flower Coloring Pages.

Music Coloring Pages :: On these Music Coloring Pages are angels playing harps, various instruments, and a couple rag-tag marching bands.

Western Coloring Pages :: Six Western Coloring Pages bring you cow pokes and their horses riding over the mountains and the range.

Bible Story Coloring Pages :: This page has six Bible Story Coloring Pages including Daniel fighting the lion.

Christian Coloring Pages :: Among the images on this page of Christian Coloring Pages you'll find the baby Moses among the rushes and the adult Moses with the Ten Commandments.

Bible Coloring Pages :: Here are six more Bible Coloring Pages which include pictures of Noah and his ark full of animals.

Jesus Coloring Pages :: Six scenes from the life of Jesus are found on these Jesus Coloring Pages.

Christmas Coloring Pages :: Santa and his reindeer, Santa delivering gifts, and a scene from the Nativity are included on these Christmas Coloring Pages.

Free Coloring Pages :: These six Free Coloring Pages include an image of a canine king holding court, a circus parade, a knight on his horse in battle, and a romp through a wonderful spring day.

Kids Coloring Pages :: On these Kids Coloring Pages are six images of adorable children in the garden.

Free Printable Coloring Pages :: A camel and rider in the desert, a boy and a girl rowing on the sea, two Dutch children in front of a windmill-- these are three of the six images that make up the Free Printable Coloring Pages.

Coloring Book Pages :: You'll find princes and princesses, commoners and queens, and several animals too, in this set of Coloring Book Pages.

Coloring Pages for Kids :: You'll love this collection of Coloring Pages for Kids filled with wonderful vintage images from fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

Coloring Pages to Print :: A procession of knights, a girl with her doll, and children building a snowman are among these Coloring Pages to Print.

Free Coloring Pages for Kids :: On these seven Free Coloring Pages for Kids you'll find a child feeding the animals on a farm, a Persian magician, a boy who talks to assorted insects, and other drawings of children.

Fairy Tales :: These coloring pages from Fairy Tales include images from "The Valiant Little Tailor," and "Little Red-Cap" among others.

Tom Thumb :: You're going to love these Tom Thumb coloring pages with pictures of Tom escaping from a fish and being fresh with the queen.

Thumbelina :: In these coloring pages of the Thumbelina story, you'll find Thumbelina inside a lovely flower, negotiating a pond on top of a lily pad, flying on a bird, and getting married to the king.

Jack and the Beanstalk Coloring Pages :: This is the first of two pages of Jack and the Beanstalk Coloring Pages wherein Jack leads his cow to market, trades for beans, climbs the beanstalk, and dines with the giant's wife.

Jack and the Beanstalk :: This is the second of two coloring pages for Jack and the Beanstalk. Included are images of the giant with his hen, his money, at supper, and chasing Jack, as well as a pic of Jack chopping down the beanstalk.

Red Riding Hood :: Seven images from the tale of Red Riding Hood can be found on this page. Red leaves home, meets Wolfie, strays from her path, and is eventually rescued by the woodsmen. Unfortunately, Granny doesn't fare as well.

Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages :: Page one of Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages features the childless king and queen, kind and evil fairies, and the princess and others fast asleep.

Sleeping Beauty :: Five more Sleeping Beauty pages with pictures of sleeping castle occupants and the sleeping beauty's rescue.

Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages :: The first of two Beauty and the Beast Coloring Pages display the merchant losing his way and encountering the beast, Beauty riding to the Beast's castle, and Beauty seeing her ill father.

Beauty and the Beast :: The second set of coloring pages for Beauty and the Beast shows Beauty and her transformative effect on the Beast.

Alice in Wonderland :: These Alice in Wonderland coloring pages show Alice at the queen's croquet party, the Cheshire cat, a mad tea party, and the walrus and the carpenter dining on oysters.

Cinderella Coloring Pages :: Again a two-parter with Cinderella Coloring Pages that feature Cinderella as a babe with her father, her two proud sisters, meeting her godmother, and dressing for the ball.

Cinderella Story :: Six more coloring pages from the Cinderella Story including the carriage, dancing at the ball, and Cindi getting her man.

Princess Coloring Pages :: Beautiful royalty graces these six Princess Coloring Pages.

Mermaid Coloring Pages :: These Mermaid Coloring Pages feature mermaids of all shapes and sizes.

Fairy Coloring Pages :: On these Fairy Coloring Pages you'll find six graceful fairies floating freely around flowers.

Fish Coloring Pages :: This page has six Fish Coloring Pages swimming in an invisible sea.

Bird Coloring Pages :: This page has six very cute Bird Coloring Pages.

Butterfly Coloring Pages :: These Butterfly Coloring Pages show butterflies on plants and fluttering on their own.

Dinosaur Coloring Pages :: Five Dinosaur Coloring Pages with pictures of a pelycosaur, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, camptosaurus and diplodocus.

Beach Coloring Pages :: These Beach Coloring Pages have images of children playing along the shoreline.

Ocean Coloring Pages :: Images of crabs and seashells on these Ocean Coloring Pages.

Summer Coloring Pages :: All kinds of charming summer scences can be found on these six Summer Coloring Pages.

Coloring Pages :: A girl on a swing, a scene from "The Nightingale," and children frolicking are part of these Coloring Pages.

Printable Coloring Pages :: These Printable Coloring Pages have girls and flowers, boys fishing and playing at being knights, and a baby boy playing with his shadow.

Alphabet Letters to Print :: This page has thirteen scans of Alphabet Letters to Print with little rhymes from a vintage book of fairy tales.

Dog Coloring Pages :: This page has Dog Coloring Pages including pictures of dogs doing tricks.

Animal Coloring Pages :: These Animal Coloring Pages show chicks and ducks and geese and pigs, and even some cows and swans.

Free Horse Coloring Pages :: Here you'll find four Free Horse Coloring Pages with pictures of race horses.

Horse Coloring Pages :: And this set of Horse Coloring Pages has four pics of farm horses.

Farm Animal Coloring Pages :: These Farm Animal Coloring Pages have images of chickens, ducks, lambs, and cows.

Monkey Coloring Pages :: Here's a barrel of Monkey Coloring Pages with a variety of goofy simians.

Cat Coloring Pages :: All kinds of cats and kittens are featured on these Cat Coloring Pages.

Frog Coloring Pages :: Here are six Frog Coloring Pages showing froggy musicians and other froggy activities.

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Dragon Art :: Eight examples of Dragon Art with dragons from Europe and Asia.

Dragon Drawings :: Nine more Dragon Drawings including three little ones from ancient Egypt.

Mythical Creatures :: Six examples of Mythical Creatures such as a Chinese phoenix, Chinese and Japanese unicorns, and a draco are on this page.

Mythical Animals :: More Mythical Animals including a seven-headed serpent, a female head flanked with monsters, a lion and a griffin, and a male Chinese unicorn.

Mythical Beasts :: More images of Mythical Beasts include a sphinx, a colossal eagle-headed and winged lion and a king fighting with a unicorn.

Mythical Dragon Drawings :: On this page of Mythical Dragon Drawings you will see a youth battling a dragon, a knight trampling on a dragon, and dragons as part of various ornaments.

Dragon Sketches :: A giant snake with wings, dragons of Mount Pilate and Drachenfeldt, and a sea serpent attacking a vessel are part of this page of Dragon Sketches.

Japanese Dragons :: Six diverse examples of Japanese Dragons to be found here.

Chinese Dragon Art :: On this page of Chinese Dragon Art is an Imperial dragon, the Pa snake, flying snakes from the Sien Mountains, and more.

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