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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 3, which describes the images for the following categories: Celts, Chaldeans, Christianity, and Christmas.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 3

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Celtic Symbols :: This page has scans of eight black and white Celtic Symbols including images from the Book of Kells, and other gospels, and decorations from shields and ornaments.

Celtic Art :: This page focuses on eight pieces of Celtic Art found on discs, shields, plates, a pendant, and a mirror, among other things.

Celtic Designs :: These images of eight Celtic Designs show more spirals and images of people and animals.

Celtic Patterns :: Here you'll find an assortment of eight more Celtic Patterns.

Celtic Knots :: This page contains eight Celtic Knots in a variety of forms.

Celtic Jewelry :: On this page of Celtic Jewelry are brooches, bracelets, belt buckles, and three neck ornaments.

Free Celtic Clip Art :: Six images of Free Celtic Clip Art include examples of Breton embroidery, belt buckles, and a brooch with gold filligree work.

Celtic Clipart :: These pieces of Celtic Clipart show designs from belt buckles, fibula and various ornaments.

Free Celtic Designs :: On this page of Free Celtic Designs are images of from manuscript paintings and an Irish spelling book.

Celtic Knotwork :: Here is an assortment of Celtic Knotwork from manuscript paintings and the socles of two crosses.

Celtic Knot Patterns :: This page has more examples of Celtic Knot Patterns from various manuscript paintings.

Celtic Knot Designs :: You'll find six diverse images of Celtic Knot Designs in triangular and circular patterns on this page.

Celtic Pattern :: The Celtic Pattern drawings on this page include five key patterns, a spiral ornament, and a pierced marble screen from Ravenna.

Celtic Graphics :: This page of Celtic Graphics has three beautiful examples of ancient Celtic ornament and two images from the Gospels of Mac Durnan.

Celtic Cross Clipart :: Six views of Celtic Cross Clipart from Cornwall, Scotland, Iouth, and other areas of Great Britain.

Celtic Crosses :: On this page of Celtic Crosses are a variety of illustrations showing crosses from such places as Rosstrevor, Anglesey, and Pembrokeshire.

Celtic Cross :: Six Celtic Cross images from Pembroke, Perthshire, Glamorganshire and Monasterboice can be found on this page.

Celtic Cross Clip Art :: The Aberlemno Cross and a variety of Cornish crosses can be found on this page of Celtic Cross Clip Art.

Celtic Cross Drawings :: More Celtic Cross Drawings from places such as St. Buryan, Egloshayle, and Mullyon can be seen here.

Celts :: An Arch Druid in full judicial costume, a cromlech, a coracle, Druidesses, and Caledonians make up this page illustrating the Celts.

Druids :: Here you'll fince a variety of drawings depicting Druids.

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Chaldeans :: I had never heard of the Chaldeans before, but they were apparently one of the three great empires of Mesopotamia during ancient times. On this page you'll see several images of Chaldean men and women.

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Pictures of Children :: These eight Pictures of Children were drawn by Anne Anderson for the book Sleepy Song Book, published in 1915.

Drawings of Children :: Here is another set of eight Drawings of Children from the Sleepy Song Book.

Child Clipart :: These ten examples of Child Clipart come from the Eugene Field Reader compiled by Alice L. Harris in 1905.

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Free Christian Clipart :: Six black and white engravings or Moses as a shepherd, Moses and Aaron before Pharoah, scenes from Passover, the parting of the Red Sea, and Moses breaking the tables of the law in this Free Christian Clipart.

Christian Clipart :: In this page of Christian Clipart you'll find more black and white engravings for revelry before the flood, the flood, the Tower of Babel, traveling through Egypt, and Jacob's dream.

Religious Clipart :: Here's an additional set of Religious Clipart of Bethlehem, Saul at Endor, Ziklag, Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, and a singer of Israel.

Bible Pictures :: Four wonderful color Bible Pictures from the book The Story of the Bible by Charles Foster - copyright 1884. Included are pictures of Moses, Daniel and his Harp, Samson and the Lions, and Daniel in the Lions' Den.

Bible Clipart :: Four more amazing color drawings of Bible Clipart which include pictures of the infant Jesus with the wise men, Jesus in Jerusulem, Jesus with the woman of Samaria, and Jesus after his resurrection.

Church Clipart :: Ten large gorgeous color scans of Bible scenes such as Baby Moses, Jephthah's Rash Vow, Jesus at Gethsemane, and Jesus at the Gates of Heaven are part of this page of Church Clipart

Women of the Bible :: Ten line art scans of Women of the Bible including Sarai, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel, Miriam, Delilah, Ruth, Naomi, the Witch of Endor, and the mothers who went to Solomon for guidance.

Women in the Bible :: Ten more Women in the Bible with images of Esther, Sheba, Judith, Herodias, Salome, the woman of the well, Mary of Magdala, and a faithful woman from the crowd.

Blessed Virgin Mary :: You can find four images of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Nativity Clip Art :: Six colorful examples of Nativity Clip Art.

Nativity :: Just in time for the holidays, five beautiful color images from the Nativity.

Pictures of the Birth of Jesus :: Four engravings by Gustave Dore taken from his Bible Gallery focus on Pictures of the Birth of Jesus including The Nativity, The Star in the East, The Flight into Egypt, and the Massacre of the Innocents.

Life of Jesus :: Starting with the birth of Jesus, these ten images chronicle the Life of Jesus, to the point where he enters Jerusalem.

Jesus of Nazareth :: More scenes from the life of Jesus of Nazareth from the Last Supper to his Ascension into Heaven.

Images of Jesus Christ :: Four more Images of Jesus Christ, including one in color.

Jesus Clip Art :: Assorted engravings of Jesus clip art images.

Free Pictures of Jesus :: Three more large free pictures of Jesus.

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Christmas Clipart :: Four different pieces of Christmas Clipart to put you in the holiday mood.

Christmas Art :: On this page of Christmas Art are seven paintings from England's National Gallery depicting Mary and the baby Jesus by famous artists.

Pictures of Christmas :: Four black and white and three color Pictures of Christmas showing Santa and a reindeer on a rooftop, Christmas fairies, children celebrating Santa's arrival, and children playing with a snowman.

Free Christmas Pictures :: This page of Free Christmas Pictures includes two color pictures of children in the snow, one black and white image of children putting up stockings, and four line art drawings of Santa.

Christmas Drawings :: On this page of Christmas Drawings are seven color images including children giving gifts and sledding, a reindeer, and a couple putting up a string of holly.

Christmas Bells :: A nice selection of various color images of Christmas Bells can be found on this page.

Christmas Angel :: Seven colorful Christmas Angel illustrations, including two with children.

Christmas Angel Clipart :: On this page of Christmas Angel Clipart you'll find flying angels, an angel dancing with children, and an angel singing, among others.

Christmas Illustrations :: Cute and colorful Christmas Illustrations that include two little Dutch children, a mother shopping with her son, a little boy reaching up to give is mother a kiss, and a child in pajamas playing the horn and marching around with a load of toys.

Christmas Birds :: I had so many adorable images of Christmas Birds that I decided to give them their own page. I know you're going to love these as much as I do.

Free Christmas Images :: This page of Free Christmas Images has two pictures of little girls surrounded by holly, a cute little puppy in a decorated dog house, and two decorated fireplaces.

Free Christmas Clipart :: Five more pretty images of Free Christmas Clipart including poinsettia, a little girl surrounded by toys, a holiday scene, Christmas angels, and holly.

Free Christmas Clip Art :: This selection of Free Christmas Clip Art includes colorful poinsettia and children playing in the snow. There's also a lovely image of a person walking through the moonlit snow with his dog.

Christmas Pictures :: On this page of Christmas Pictures is an art deco style illustration of a mother and child, birds fluttering around snow covered branches, a Christmas belle, candles and holly, children pulling a sled, and a pretty pile of presents.

Christmas Images :: Three images of children celebrating the holiday, a country scene, and some romantic gift giving are on this page of Christmas Images.

Christmas Pics :: Here is an assortment of Christmas Pics featuring children with their shiny new toys, a cute robin frolicking in some holly, more holly and Christmas greetings, and some poinsettia.

Christmas Graphics :: On this page of Christmas Graphics is a black and white vignette surrounded by green holly, an old-fashioned girl with a basket of poinsettia, a mantle adorned with holly, and a little girl and her dog viewing a snowy Xmas greeting.

Free Christmas Graphics :: Here is an assortment of six Free Christmas Graphics featuring children, poinsettia, holiday greetings, and lots more holly.

Christmas Scenes :: This page has some lovely Christmas Scenes with churches, cottages, and homes dressed for the holidays.

Free Christmas Art :: Seven lovely holiday scenes make up this page of Free Christmas Art.

Santa Claus :: Four cheery color pictures of Santa Claus for the Christmas season.

Santa Claus Pictures :: These Santa Claus Pictures include Santa in his workshop and delivering toys.

Santa Clip Art :: Some more Santa Clip Art including two black and white line drawings of Santa in his sleigh and five color images of him doing his holiday duties.

Christmas Santa :: On this page there are six jolly Christmas Santas. Some are with children, some are framed by holly, and one is racing across the sky in his sleigh loaded with gifts.

Reindeer Pictures :: Reindeer with children, reindeer with Santa, and reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh can be found on this colorful page of Reindeer Pictures.

Cartoon Santa :: This page contains five color Cartoon Santa pictures, including one of Santa Claus delivering toys via a jalopy.

Holly Leaves :: Five beautiful images of Holly Leaves with shiny red berries.

Christmas Holly :: Birdies, bells, and a basket overflowing with poinsettia accent this collection of Christmas Holly.

Holly Pictures :: These colorful Holly Pictures include holly borders, frames, and bells.

Holly Images :: All kinds of Holly Images can be found on this page, including frames and wreaths.

Holly Clip Art :: Here's one last page of delightful Holly Clip Art.

Christmas Wreaths :: You'll find six different Christmas Wreaths on this page.

Wreaths :: Here is another set of beautiful Wreaths, including ones with an elf, a cheery bluebird, and two snowy scenes.

Christmas Trees :: Here you'll discover some festive Christmas Trees-- from trees being carried through the woods, to trees full of colorful decorations.

Christmas Tree Pictures :: Here are seven Christmas Tree Pictures including images of trees being dragged in from the woods, a little girl ice skating, and a girl in a red dress dancing in front of a decorated tree.

Christmas Greeting Cards :: You are going to love this set of Christmas Greeting Cards that you can download as a PDF file and print-out. Each one has a unique greeting on the front and inside.

Christmas Card Greetings :: Here are some more pretty Christmas Card Greetings based on the images and sentiments found on my collection of vintage postcards.

Free Christmas Cards :: One last page of five Free Christmas Cards for you to download and print.

Christmas Stars :: On this page of seven Christmas Stars you'll find lovely scenes for the holidays.

Christmas Food :: On this page of Christmas Food is a variety of tasty holiday treats, including some traditional pudding being served up by Santa and another pudding being brought to the table by two adorable children. There's also a pretty young miss with a freshly baked pie, and three more mouth-watering images.

Christmas Stockings :: Lots of adorable children excitedly preparing their Christmas Stockings.

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