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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 11, which describes the images for the following categories: School, Science, Seasons, Shakespeare, Ships, Silhouettes, Spanish, and St. Patrick's Day.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 11

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Reading Clipart :: Six black and white images of Reading Clipart with sweet girls and fairies reading contentedly.

Children Reading :: Five black and white and one color image of Children Reading, including one adorable image of a child surrounded by wild animals who are listening to a story.

School Clipart :: A boy reading in front of a blackboard, another with books and a globe, and more images of children reading and writing make up this page of School Clipart.

School Related Clipart :: This page with eight more pieces of School Related Clipart includes cute little rabbits, frogs, and chickens engrossed in their reading.

Book Clipart :: Six more examples of Book Clipart with jesters and children reading, and an inquisitive duck carrying a copy of nursery rhymes.

Pictures of Books :: Here are six Pictures of Books lying flat, open, in a group, and individually.

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Chemistry Clip Art :: Four more old engravings of interesting scientists, beakers, and tubes (oh my!) in this selection of Chemistry Clip Art.

Science Clip Art :: Four black and white vintage line art images of Science Clip Art including a young girl doing a science experiment and various beakers and tubes.

Science Clipart :: Need more intriquing Science Clipart ? Here you'll find bunson burners and serious men in suits involved in scientific inquiry.

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Fall Clipart :: In this Fall Clipart you'll find black and white line drawings of pumpkins, grapevines, a bowl of fruit, the horn of plenty, and more.

Winter Scenes :: Even though summer is quickly approaching, I couldn't resist including these three color and two black and white Winter Scenes in this latest collection of images.

Winter Clipart :: Here are six more black and white engravings of Winter Clipart depicting all sorts of snowy adventures.

Snowman Pictures :: Here you'll find the first of two sets of charming Snowman Pictures.

Snowman Clipart :: Six more precious images of Snowman Clipart including a wonderful snowman couple and their little snowman dog. Or should I say "snowdog"?

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Tales from Shakespeare :: An assortment of images from various Tales from Shakespeare by Charles Lamb including pictures from A Midsummer Night's Dream, Winter's Tale, and Macbeth.

Shakespeares Tales :: More color illustrations from Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, and other pictures by Maria L. Kirk from a book of Shakespeares Tales.

William Shakespeare :: Here are five delightful engravings of the playwright Wiliam Shakespeare.

Pictures of William Shakespeare :: You'll find five more Pictures of William Shakespeare on this page. There's even a copy of his autograph.

Shakespeare's Plays :: Four color images from some of Shakespeare's Plays include artwork for As You Like It, Two Gentleman of Verona, Cymbeline, and All's Well That Ends Well.

Shakespeare Costumes :: Four more color pictures of Shakespeare Costumes from the plays Measure for Measure, The Twelfth Night, Othello, and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Romeo and Juliet :: Here are six black and white engravings and two color images of scenes from Romeo and Juliet including a picture from the party where Romeo sees Juliet for the first time and a beautiful color drawing of the star-crossed lovers together.

Midsummer Night's Dream :: Titania, Oberon, Puck, and the other delightful fairy folk from A Midsummer Night's Dream are foung in these eight black and white and two color images from the play.

The Tempest :: Three color and five black and white images from The Tempest give us pictures of Prospero and Miranda, Ferdinand, Caliban, and Ariel.

King Lear :: On this page you'll find eight black and white images from King Lear including one color drawing of Lear holding a lifeless Cordelia.

Much Ado About Nothing :: I sure do love this color image of Claudio and Hero from Much Ado About Nothing. You'll also find seven more black and white images.

Taming of the Shrew :: From The Taming of the Shrew are six black and white and two color images including a drawing of Katharine smashing the lute on the musician's head.

Merchant of Venice :: You'll also find five more black and white and one more color image from the play The Merchant of Venice.

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Sailing Ships :: Here you'll find six colorful images of Sailing Ships scanned from Victorian scrap.

Old Sailing Ships :: These engravings of Old Sailing Ships are from an 1865 edition of Harper's magazine. They depict the ship building industry in New York during that time.

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Silhouettes :: Four Silhouettes of a fiddler and a couple dancing, a pipe player in a tree serenading animals and dancers, a pipe player wooing a girl, and the Pied Piper of Hamlin leading the children out of town.

Silhouette Art :: These examples of Silhouette Art include a boy and a girl walking together, three wolves howling at the moon, Robin Hood being entertained by a talkative maiden, and a lady posing for a picture.

Cat Silhouette :: On the Cat Silhouette page you'll find images of a very sneaky cat who goes fishing for dinner.

Horse Silhouette :: There are three different versions of a Horse Silhouette on this page.

Female Silhouette :: On the Female Silhouette page are two dancing girls, a flower girl, and a girl posed by a chair.

Girl Silhouette :: A girl playing the violin, a girl dancing with her doll, a girl running through the wind, and a girl with her bicycle can all be found on the Girl Silhouette page.

Woman Silhouette :: On the Woman Silhouette page are four curvatious ladies posing in the shadows.

Silhouette Clipart :: If you need some Silhouette Clipart this page offers a Greek profile, three decorative ornaments, a child's profile, and two playful cherubs.

Silhouettes of People :: To begin these six new pages of silhouettes, here's a delightful page of Silhouettes of People with a little boy and Mother Goose, two silhouettes of children, a dog and a woman, and a mother and child.

Dancer Silhouettes :: Two ballet dancers, a woman dancing, a young girl dancing on horseback, and a couple dancing make up this page of Dancer Silhouettes.

Free Silhouettes :: These Free Silhouettes feature a girl feeding some anxious animals, an old woman cooking, a little fairy, a boy and girl playing, a jester feeding his pets, and Jack jumping over a candlestick.

Bird Silhouettes :: Here are eight Bird Silhouettes with images of an eagle, owl, baltimore oriole, heron, pelican, snipe, common quail, and a woodpecker.

Animal Silhouettes :: Ten images of Animal Silhouettes including an elephant, lion, giraffe, reindeer, camel, buffalo, rhinoceros, bear, deer, and wolf.

Tree Silhouettes :: Included in this set of Tree Silhouettes are birch, palm, oak, ash, twin oaks, and elm trees.

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St. Patrick's Day :: On this page for St. Patrick's Day you'll find five old postcard images filled with shamrocks, and harps, castles, cute girls in costume, and lots of green.

St. Patrick's Day Clipart :: More "Emblems of Erin" including harps, flags, girls in green, and lots of lucky shamrocks can be found on this page of St. Patrick's Day Clipart.

Four Leaf Clover :: On this page of Four Leaf Clover images you'll find a nice variety of styles to choose from.

Shamrocks :: A heart shaped wreath Shamrocks and other shamrock images can be found on this page.

Irish Shamrock :: More Irish Shamrock pictures to spice up St. Paddy's Day art.

Leprechauns :: There are five mischievous Leprechauns on this page, dancing, drinking, and looking feisty.

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