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I have attempted to organize the Public Domain Images Site Map into more manageable sections. This is Site Map 1, which describes the images for the following categories: Anatomy, Angels and Angel Wings, Animals, and Architecture.

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Public Domain Images - Site Map 1

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Labeled Skeleton :: Three views of a male Labeled Skeleton and one view of a female skeleton.

Human Anatomy Muscles :: Seven images of Human Anatomy Muscles showing the whole body, face, head, neck, and trunk.

Human Skull :: Four views of a Human Skull.

Anatomy of the Eye :: On this page of the Anatomy of the Eye are images of the palpbral aperture, an Asian eyelid, a close-up of an eyeball, and eyes of an advanced age.

Anatomy of the Nose :: An assortment of five various images showing the Anatomy of the Nose.

Human Ear :: Three different drawings of a Human Ear.

Mouth Anatomy :: Five diverse images of mouths on the Mouth Anatomy page.

Create a Human Face :: See the face divided into proper proportions and an assortment of female facial expressions to help you Create a Human Face of your own.

Human Face :: Terror, anger, suspicion can be found on these drawings of the Human Face.

Anatomy of the Neck :: Eight views of the muscles and surface markings of the Anatomy of the Neck.

Shoulder Anatomy :: On this page of Shoulder Anatomy are a variety of illustrations showing the shoulder, neck, trunk, and buttocks.

Arm Muscles :: Ten images of Arm Muscles in various poses can be found on this page.

Anatomy of the Hand :: Drawings of the bones, muscles, skin, and creases that make up the Anatomy of the Hand.

Leg Muscles :: The front, back, and inner part of the leg and Leg Muscles can be seen on this page.

Knee Anatomy :: Five depictions of Knee Anatomy.

Foot Anatomy :: We've gone from the top of the head right down to Foot Anatomy with six images of the bones, tendons, and dorsum of the human foot.

Male Figure Photography :: Warning! There is discreet male nudity on this page of eight poses of Male Figure Photography for artists.

Female Figure Photography :: Warning! There is some nudity on this page of Female Figure Photography for artists.

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Angel Clipart :: Eight beautiful drawings of Angel Clipart including a baby angel and a whispering angel.

Drawings of Angels :: Six Drawings of Angels in a variety of styles.

Whimsical Angel Pictures :: An assortment of cute little Whimsical Angel Pictures. Five cherubs dance with Brownies around a couple in love.

Cherubs :: Three decorative images of Cherubs.

Tiny Angels :: More color and black and white pictures of Tiny Angels and cherubs.

Guardian Angels :: Lovely images of Guardian Angels including two angels guarding the Ark of the Covenant.

Guardian Angel Graphics :: Five more Guardian Angel Graphics.

Angel Wings :: Six beautiful images of Angel Wings.

Angel Wings Art :: Six more images of Angel Wings Art for your enjoyment.

Drawings of Angel Wings :: This page of Drawings of Angel Wings provides you with six more lovely images.

Pictures of Angel Wings :: This page has six more Pictures of Angel Wings.

Black Angel Wings :: Six pictures of Black Angel Wings for the gothic soul.

Feathered Angel Wings :: Six long and luxurious Feathered Angel Wings can be found on this page.

Large Angel Wings :: Here's one last set of six Large Angel Wings.

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Animal Clipart :: Six lovely color images of Animal Clipart from the 1895 book Five Hundred Fascinating Animal Stories by Alfred H. Miles. Included are an orangatan, a gorilla, a blotched genett, an aardvark, a galago, and an aye-aye. I'd never heard of the last two animals at all.

Animal Clip Art :: Six more pictures of Animal Clip Art including a cacomixle, a jaguar, a zebra, a bison, polar bears, and ermine.

Free Animal Clipart :: Another set of six color images of Free Animal Clipart. Here we have a tatou (which looks just like an armadillo), a kangaroo, beavers, an alpine hare, an Indian rhinoceros, and a camel.

Cave Paintings :: It's not to far of a stretch from prehistoric animals to animal images of Cave Paintings from Altamira. Here are three in color and two in black and white.

Prehistoric Animals :: Six drawings of Prehistoric Animals including a wooly mammoth, a reindeer, a sabre-tooth tiger, a musk ox, a wooly rhinoceros, and a wild horse.

Prehistoric Mammals :: This second page of Prehistoric Mammals includes a wooly rhino, a mammoth, an Irish deer, a sabre-toothed tiger, and two oxen skulls.

Dinosaur Pictures :: And this set of Dinosaur Pictures includes an image of a tyrannosaurus, trachodon, triceratops, archaeopteryx, and a pterodactyl.

Funny Animal Pictures :: Turtle races, a mischievous horse, and various kooky cats can be found on this page of Funny Animal Pictures.

Funny Monkey Pictures :: These five Funny Monkey Pictures are a barrel of laughs if you enjoy pictures of monkeys cooking, dancing in colonial costumes, feeding children, taunting geese, and making monkey shine.

Pictures of Farm Animals :: Bunnies, horses, dogs, and pigs, many interacting with people, can be seen on this page of Pictures of Farm Animals.

Cat Clipart :: Six line art images of Cat Clipart include a cat playing with a ball, a cat and her kittens, a cat cleaning herself, kittens in a basket, and some sleeping cats.

Cat Pictures :: Five engravings of a visiting cat, a cat and a girl reading by the fire, a playful kitty and more adorable Cat Pictures.

Funny Cat Pictures :: Six Funny Cat Pictures of cats stealing fish, a sleeping cat surrounded by scheming mice, a cat chasing a terrified dog, and more.

Pictures of Cats :: These six Pictures of Cats include a cat sharing a meal with a young girl, a cat receiving a saucer of milk, and an illustration on how to draw a cat.

Cute Kittens :: Color illustrations and photos of kitties in a wheelbarrow, a clan of Persian kittens, a striped kitten and three more Cute Kittens can be found on this page.

Cartoon Dog :: On this page you'll find eight adorable illustrations of Cartoon Dogs.

Funny Dog Pictures :: These Funny Dog Pictures are sure to tickle your funny bone. There's a picture of a dog playing the piano, another of a dog singing, and my favorite-- a dog butler giving medicine to a beat-up cat!

Dog Clipart :: This page of Dog Clipart includes, among other things, two collies and a retriever.

Dog Pictures :: Black and white line art of a scottie and a bull dog can be found among these Dog Pictures.

Dog Drawings :: On this page you'll find a variety of Dog Drawings.

Free Dog Clipart :: Charming detailed engravings of children and their dogs, and a dog talking on an old-fashioned telephone, can be found on this page of Free Dog Clipart.

Cute Puppies :: Is there anything more precious than a bunch of Cute Puppies? On this page are six color images of adorable puppies and dogs.

Types of Lizards :: In this selection of different Types of Lizards you'll find a variegated lizard, a gecko lizard, a chameleon lizard, a basilisk, and a skink. And they probably won't put you in a holiday mood.

Horse Clipart :: You'll find six black and white images of Horse Clipart with horses in different colors and poses.

Drawings of Horses :: These Drawings of Horses include diagrams of the skeletal and muscular anatomy of horses, as well as a horse and rider in various galloping positions.

Frog Cartoons :: On this page of Frog Cartoons we see five silly drawings of frogs.

Farm Pigs :: This is the first of four pages of Farm Pigs in all their pinkish glory.

Cartoon Pigs :: Pigs walking down the road, sitting on an elephant's trunk, and getting into trouble make up this page of Cartoon Pigs.

Pig Clipart :: Five more images of Pig Clipart are on this page. There are pigs frolicking, pigs conversing, and a pig checking a pot of boiling wolf.

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Egyptian Architecture :: Eight black and white images of Egyptian Architecture include a section of the Great Pyramid, winged asp and sun decorations, several columns, and two Egyptian temples.

Greek Columns :: Drawings of Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian Greek Columns are on this page.

Ancient Greek Architecture :: The Ancient Greek Architecture on this page shows different styles of moulding, carvings, and temples.

Roman Architecture :: On this page of Roman Architecture you'll find images of columns, mouldings, domes, floor plans and arches.

Pantheon :: This page contains beautiful engravings of different views of the Pantheon in Rome.

Islamic Architecture :: A mosque dome, minaret, carved lattice and several styles of arches are important aspects of Islamic Architecture.

Romanesque Architecture :: On this page of Romanesque Architecture is a rose window, buttresses, and arches, among other things.

Medieval Architecture :: The Normans were leading the way in developing Medieval Architecture. Here you'll find examples of capitals, buttresses, windows, doorways, and chapels.

Gothic Architecture :: I love the style of windows and arches that are part of Gothic Architecture.

Church Architecture :: The Church Architecture found here and on the next page is also known as Perpendicular architecture. There are doorways, windows, and features of St. Peter's Chapel from the Tower of London, as well as the Winchester Cathedral.

Cathedral Architecture :: More Cathedral Architecture includes fan tracery vaulting, decorative ornaments, mouldings, a crocket and a finial.

Tudor Architecture :: Tudor Architecture introduced the Tudor rose, different styles of spires, battlements, the portcullis, and the fleur-de-lis.

Renaissance Architecture :: Features of Renaissance Architecture including gables, pediments, domes, steeples, and pierced parapets.

House Clipart :: Four beautifully colored Victorian era scrap make up this page of House Clipart.

Victorian Houses :: This page of Victorian Houses does not contain your typical gingerbread style homes. Here you'll find eight different styles from cottages to shacks to castles.

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