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Altered Book :: As the Earth Turns.


As the Earth Turns
Gladys Hasty Carroll
New York
the MacMillan Company


maps from National Geographic, clip art, Contact paper transfer, Golden Acrylic Glaze, Neopaque acrylics

Lessons Learned:

1) When gluing down a contact paper transfer, put the adhesive on the back of the transfer itself, not onto the book page
2) Chalks are an effective way to add subtle color to a piece of clip art
3) The back of the contact paper transfer will accept chalks!


The first thing that I did was print out a photo of the earth on Kodak picture paper using my ink jet printer. I found the picture by doing an image search on Google. I had a color photocopy made of the picture. I used that copy to make a Contact paper transfer.

I have heard that the clear Contact shelf paper that you can buy today is not effective for these kinds of transfers. It is now "repositionable" and has less tack than the older version. The clear Contact paper that I have is from an old stash I bought about eight years ago when my students made their own books. This transfer method supposedly works well with cold laminate and clear packing tape, although I have not tried them yet.

When the transfer was ready, I took a Q-tip (a.k.a. a cotton bud) dipped in baby oil and used it to carefully remove some of the transfered ink from behind the earth. I wanted more of the book title and author name to be visible.

With the transfer done, I started preparing the background for the page. I took the maps and tore them up, paying attention to color and pattern schemes on the paper. Using matte medium, I glued the scraps around the book pages, starting in the corners and then working towards the earth. I was trying to do something fancy with the different types of papers, but it didn't quite turn out the way I wanted. However, I do like the blue water surrounding the planet.

I wasn't happy with the colors of the maps; they were too washed out, and not in a good way. So I mixed up some acrylic paint. I used brown, ochre, and russet to make this earthy orange color. I added 1 part orange to 3 parts acrylic glaze and brushed it all over the pages, except the earth. I think it gives the page a more uniform appearance.

I used some lovely art chalks that I have to color in the clip art of the woman, and I glued her in place.


I purchased the art chalks at my very first stamping convention a few months ago. They are named "Nouvel Pastel Carre' " by Sakura. They were so pretty that I bought two color sets, and I know there are more. The only time I've ever used colored chalk in my life was to draw on the sidewalks in front of my house and to write on the chalkboard in my classroom. But for some reason the pearlescent ones said "Buy Me," and since they were having a sale . . . well, I felt compelled to buy the brights set as well.

I have been looking at those chalks ever since without a clue about what to do with them. I have a lot of things like that in my room right now. Things that I 've bought because they were beautiful that now sit in an Iris cart drawer waiting...waiting... forever waiting... Well, at least I finally used the chalks. Now on to other challenges!

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